Henrijs Preiss

henrijs preissHenrijs Preiss was born in Latvia, and has lived in Riga, Berlin and London. His Russian Icon and Italian Renaissance influenced paintings are pretty sweet. Preiss translates archetypal symbols from Islam, Judaism and Christianity into textured paintings composed of gold, silver and red. His abstract paintings are constructed in a process that recalls the practice of alchemy. Keep the medieval paintings coming!

Till Krautkrämer’s Meatwater


Meatwater, a line of 60 plus meat-inspired beverages and photographic prints, is currently showing at 303 Grand in Williamsburg but its depth may be best explored at Dinnerinabottle.com. Varieties like Italian Sausage, Tandoori Chicken and Wiener Schnitzel have received raves from beverage trade magazines (none of which found a press release with quotes from a “Governor Rose Selavy” suspect) and a writer for the LA Times described it as “the most disturbing thing I have seen on the internet in a month.”


Queries about the cost of an actual bottle are met with a winking “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” but for a lucky few who make it to the closing party Aug. 22nd at 303 Grand @ 7pm, tall glasses of Pork Dumpling may be on offer.


Krautkrämer in his own words on what Meatwater is, and what Meatwater can never be.


Found Via Partycrasher.

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God of Small Things

Get a Canon 30D, an intervalometer, a microscope, and add some soothing music to make an innovative masterpiece like this one. Enjoy!

Leandro Erlich

leandro erlich shattering doorLeandro Erlich should be everyones favorite Argentinean installation artist. He could even be my favorite artist of all time. Leandro simple kills it! He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now lives and works in Paris, France. His latest project, “Shattering Door,” is on display at Luciana Brito, São Paulo, Brazil. Make sure to check out more of his projects in his stunning portfolio.

Kate Kirkwood

kate kirkwood photography Kate Kirkwood is a photographer working from a farm base in the Lake Distract in England. Her work is dark, powerful, and stunningly beautiful. The way she portrays her world through a camera lens is rather unique and her talent shows throughout her portfolio and Flickr photostream.

Sr. X

Sir.x graffitiSr. X is a stencil-graffiti artist based in Gijon, Spain. His humorous post-ups are fantastic and will make any graffiti artist say, “why didn’t I think of that?” Although there is a lack of information about him on the internet, the work on his Flickr page speaks for itself.

Tim Lahan

tim lahan photography
Tim Lahan is a New York based illustrator and designer who happened to float to the surface in our Flickr pool. His fun retro-style of work does exactly what he wants by communicating visually in a simple and fun way. Keep the fun coming Lahan, we love it!

Chris Pell

Record sleeve designed for band Witch

Record sleeve designed for band Witch

Chris Pell is a 21 year old graduate from Brighton University. Pell is a very unique animator, photographer, and illustrator who uses religious symbolism in a majority of his work on Flickr. Just incase you were wondering, Pell loves “fantasy worlds, alchemy, soca music, mysticism, horror movies…” and the list goes on. He is readily available to take commissions and also has prints for sale upon contact.