Erik Sommer’s Cement Paintings

These textural paintings by Erik Sommer are created using cement. Let’s hope he doesn’t have a twenty pound concrete business card too.

Simon Willems Crying Darth Vader

Simon Willems uses objects and characters from popular culture to create paintings with complex narratives.

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Satan’s Fashion By Valerija Ilchuk

Fashion Collages with a dark twist by Valerija Ilchuk.

Fredrik Åkum

Paintings by Fredrik Åkum.

Falko Ohlmer

Posters and illustrations by graphic designer Falko Ohlmer.

Jennifer Maestre’s Prickly Pencil Creatures

We’ve all used hundreds of pencils in our lives since we were kids. Jennifer Maestre uses pencils too, but not the way most of us do, or even the ways most artists do. These imaginative creatures use pencils to showcase the contrast between lifelike forms and industrially produced materials. They were inspired by the texture of the sea urchin, which she has been exploring in many materials for several years.

Marcin Schleifer

Beautiful drawings by Polish artist Marcin Schleifer.

Jonathan Budenz

Work by graphic designer Jonathan Budenz.