Ju Duoqi’s Personified Vegetable Masterpieces

I am really digging Chinese artist Ju Duoqi’s personified vegetables!   She takes old masterpieces like the Mona Lisa or Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and recreates them with tofu, cabbage, ginger, potatoes, the list goes on. Can you guess which paintings these are?

Marina Bychkova’s Enchanted Dolls

Marina Bychkova's Enchanted Dolls

Although these meticulously crafted porcelain dolls are not the usual Beautiful/Decay fare, something about them really caught our eye. I love their slightly grotesque exposed joints and creepily expressive faces. They are created by artist Marina Bychkova.

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Joseph Marconi’s Digital Magic

Joseph Marconi - Photography
Photos and digital magic by photographer, designer, filmmaker Joseph Marconi.

Cody Cochrane

Toronto based artist Cody Cochrane is a painter, print-maker, and illustrator extraordinaire.  Check out some more of her work after the jump!

Yee Jan Bao’s Distant Subjects

Yee Jan Bao‘s paintings are captures of things off in the distance surrounded by nothing but empty land or water. Almost like a mirage.

Winnie Truong’s Bearded Friends

Canadian artist Winnie Truong creates the coolest illustrations with pencil crayon on paper.  I am particularly enjoying his Ornament and Correction piece.  Who knew Crayola could be this awesome?

Michael Massaia’s New Jersey

Michael Massaia is strictly a large format photographer making classic Platinum/Palladium prints.  This process creates beautiful results especially for his series “In the Final Throes- New Jersey.”

Bill Durgin’s Decapitated Contortionists

New York based artist Bill Durgin creates captivating sculptural photographs of decapitated contortionists.