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Sarah Haug Is Explosive!

Sarah Haug - Illustration

Explosively energetic, playful illustration and animation stills by Swiss artist Sara Haug.

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Dindi Underwater Photographs

Dindi van der Hoek has some beautiful underwater photographs that you would swear were paintings.

Thad Kellstadt’s Tit Mullet

Thad Kellstadt‘s acrylic paintings possess a sort of hipster-esque aesthetic.  I find his Tit Mullet (as seen above) in particular to be very amusing. Girl is stylin’!


Serbian photographer Boogie, captures some of the grittiest street scenes that you could imagine. Boogie has been living in New York City since 1998, when, after a stint in the military, he won a green card in a lottery. He has spent several years chronicling the lives of New York’s gangsters, drug addicts and hustlers. From NYC to Belgrade, Boogie has an intimacy with the subject that is rarely seen today. To gain access to what he’s seen is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Amanda Nedham’s Drawn Mutations

Amanda Nedham - Drawings

Wonderfully dark and detailed drawings by Amanda Nedham.

Hunter Stabler’s Cut Out World

Insanely intricate and beautiful drawings and cut paper works by Hunter Stabler.

Julie Moon’s Fancy Blobs

Julie Moon‘s series “Pretty Please” consists of sculptures of blobs that look like they are getting ready for a fancy night on the town. I can respect that, blobs.