Hyperdub and Darkstar’s Gold Music Video

Evan Boehm is part of the interactive duo Sembler.  This is a digital mixed media project using “DIY technology” and real images from CAT scans, MRIs, and cadavers.

Angeline Rivas’s Ballpoint Madness

Angeline Rivas‘s intense ballpoint pen drawings are complex and detailed beyond belief. 

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Osman Granda

Osman Granda is a designer and animator working out of Barcelona, Spain. He has some kickass detailed illustrations that are just flat out fun.

Chris Kuzma’s Weird Weird World

I am really enjoying Canadian artist Chris Kuzma’s illustrations.   His work is peculiar, slightly off-putting and embodies bright colors and weirdness!

Shary Boyle’s Delicately Grotesque

Shary Boyle - Sculpture

Shary Boyle‘s  ceramic sculptures combine the delicate with the grotesque.

Bergen Design

Bergen - Graphic Design

Playful, sophisticated graphic design by Bergen. I love it, especially the use of color.

Tom Hovey’s Watercolor Odyssey

English artist Tom Hovey creates beautiful raw illustrations with watercolor.

Noah Conopask Dramatic Cinematic Eye

Noah Conopask‘s photography is dark, intriguing, and looks like stills from a dramatic movie. Every once in awhile you get a nice break from the darkness and into the light. Check out his blog here.