Edward Kinsella Soothing Figures

There is something peaceful and almost soothing about the charming characters in  Edward Kinsella’s illustrations.

Michelle Knowles Turns The Mundane Into Magical

Photographs by Brisbane artist Michelle Knowles. She shows us the familiar next to the unusual in an attempt to transform the mundane into magical.

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Estelle Hanania’s Parking Lot Hydra

More imaginative spectacle by French photographer Estelle Hanania.

Adam Batchelor’s East Meets West

Adam Batchelor is a very talented young artist from Norfolk, England. He creates work about the influence of western civilization on the developing world.

Brendan Flanagan’s Twisted Paint

Brendan Flanagan paints twisting, twisted landscapes and figures that are at once growing and decaying.

Peter Ravn Contorted Business

Danish painter Peter Ravn successfully utilizes depth and color in his paintings.  I am especially intrigued by his series of business men contorted in obscure  positions.

Javier Aguilera’s Brutal Reality

Madrid based artist Javier Aguilera’s sculptures are brutally realistic.  Check out some more of his work after the jump!

Nick Cave

Chicago artist Nick Cave’s outlandish “soundsuits” have enough awesome going on standing still, but these intricate assemblages are also performance costumes. Grab a copy of Beautiful/Decay Book 4 for a sprawling feature on Cave with tons more (giant, gorgeous) images and an interview in which he discusses his recent exhibition at the Fowler museum, his process creating the suits, and his desire for art to be a joyous community-wide experience.