Stefan Danielsson

Stefan Danielsson creates captivating socio-political collages that embody themes of suffering and redemption.

Michael Flores

Some of Los Angeles based photographer Michael Flores’ awesome work.

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Jon Bocksel

Illustrator and photographer Jon Blocksel makes some cool illustrations. I especially like his “Possibility for a Swear Word” series.  Pretty sure keyboards should start including those symbols.

Andrés Medina

Most of Andrés Medina‘s photographs are of places and things we might overlook or have forgotten about.

Leif Huron

Leif Huron
incredibly captures his subjects in awesome vibrancy and beautiful tonality. Huron’s photographs are incredibly detailed and are a treat to the eyes; especially the portrait series. Done in high key, the color contrast of white skin and background to rich colored hair and strikingly deep colored eyes makes for one hell of an image.

EE Belanger’s Tangled Humans

EE Belanger has captivated us with magnificent drawings that intertwine human and animal species. This entanglement of man/wild showcases the age old struggle… this time in artistic splendor.

Ben Rayner

Attention world I have found my new favorite photographer!  London based photographer Ben Rayner is the coolest.  I love his work.  His photographs possess a sort of child-like wonder and enthusiasm to them.  Check out some more of his work after the jump!

Oak Thitayarak

Chicago based artist Oak Thitayarak is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer; a “jack of all trades” .  He recently created a gritty series of street portraits documenting the homeless.