Alison Pebworth Beautiful Possibility


In 2006, “Looking for Lost History” traveled in the form of a 19th Century American Traveling Show. This was Alison Pebworth’s first tour in a continued series of traveling exhibitions, exchanges and happenings exploring what it means to be American. The investigation continues with “Beautiful Possibility” launched first in San Francisco at Southern Exposure coinciding with a intimate exhibition of drawings and a video by Chris Sollars at Michael Rosenthal. The project will then travel May through October from California to South Dakota across the northern United States and Canada. Pebworth seeks to discover a new understanding of our past, present and future through research, conversation and survey’s comparing and contrasting opinions of those living and working in the various regions she visits along the tour.

Pebworth writes: “This interactive project combines art, history and anthropology for an investigative look at obscured people, places, stories and myths and how they contribute to our collective understanding of who we are as Americans. Venues for the traveling show are pre-scheduled and will serve as headquarters for conducting research on local histories and culture. I will be physically touring the show and living in a travel trailer for this solo journey, interacting directly with regional audiences and gathering source material for new work to be included in the second tour and culminating exhibitions in 2011 and 2012.”

Illustator Spotlight: Vertico’s Puppets

verticos puppets sosima amrei universe balanceEverybody likes a dash of mystery. We got a submission from a German illustrator named Amrei.  Her body of work is called Vertico’s Puppets.  She also seems to go by the name Sosima.  Which one is her true identity?  You be the judge!  Either way, her illustrations are cute yet deadly like a pink bunny rabbit with a switchblade.  Enjoy the amazingness!

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Scott Hove

Scott Hove

Crazy insane cake sculptures from Scott Hove!!! His show “Iced Out” is up until May 2 at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood.

Beatriz Milhazes

Beatriz Milhazes

Color is the name of the game for Beatriz Milhazes, a multidisciplinary artist from Rio de Janeiro. Wild colors in fact, and wild geometric forms to boot. Milhazes has exhibited in museums around the world and even represented Brazil at the Venice Biennale in 2003. If you are in the New York area, make sure to go and see her Gold Rose Series at James Cohan Gallery, an edition of seven silkscreen and wood block prints that were made at Durham Press in Pennsylvania.

Will Penny

will_penny_01 Will Penny is an artist from Woodstock, Ontario. His art is a study in how he processes info visually and conceptually. Each design is as vibrant and energetic as the next. 

Up for the Down Stroke

Picture-1-600x652 Up for the Down Stroke is the title of a new exhibition of paintings by artist David Leggett.

Rhythm and Hues: Cloth and Culture of Mali

hm_banner_rightMali’s extraordinary legacy of textile arts, with its vibrant colors and complex graphic statements will be presented in an exhibition entitled “Rhythm and Hues: Cloth and Culture of Maliat the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco from February 5-May 2, 2010.

Elle Muliarchyk

0213elle.2Elle Muliarchyk is a photographer and filmaker from NYC. Her recent project “Begotten,” a book project that looks to reinvent religious icons as Pop Icons.