POVevolving Gallery

939 Chung King Road

Los Angeles, CA ~ 90012

Reception:February 12th, 2011, 7 to 11pm.
Closes: March 12th, 2011

Preview of the show after the jump.

Pavlove’s Eyes Wide Shut

Images from a project called ”Inneres Auge” of creative people by photographer Pavlove.

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Wystepy by Gwen Van Den Eijnde

Photos documenting a performance piece by artist Gwen Van Den Eijnde. The costumes are amazing.

Philippe Constantinesco

Lovely pencil illustrations and sketches by Philippe Constantinesco.

Canan Çengel

Photographs by Canan Çengel.

Alex Roulette’s Fabricated America

Nostalgic paintings by Alex Roulette of a fabricated American experience.

Ekta’s Heads

Ekta‘s simple yet elegant portraits are a great example of what can happen when careful color selection, refined composition, and carefully selected patterning come together to make an image.

Danielle Levitt Is Experienced

We Are Experienced is a series of stunning images by photographer Danielle Levitt that captures all of the awkwarness, fragility, and beauty of adolescence.