Like Minded Studio

818921268298978Like Minded Studio‘s style has been seen throughout the design industry including clothing brands, magazine covers, and studio television producers. 

Andrew Groves

Andrew Groves, aka IMAKETHINGS,  is a freelance illustrator creating graphics and characters that show the beauty of the natural world with a style of folklore.

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Anna Garforth

S1Anna Garforth is a graphic designer and illustrator working from London. Her inspiration from the “plant life that pushes and grows its way through all the cracks in the concrete,” has led to some amazing works including plant life and moss.

Adam Rix

Adam Rix

Adam Rix‘ youthful style and creative edge has won him numerous awards and landed him gigs with top clients.

Gavin Kenyon

Gavin Kenyon

It’s obvious that sharp blades have carved canyons through the mind of New York artist Gavin Kenyon. His axes, swords, and knives have a way of taking on strangely organic characteristics, and I really like how the pieces attack the space where they are installed. The world of metal sculpture can be dominated by machismo, so I find it interesting that these sculptures appear dangerous and destructive, while being somewhat goofy at the same time.

Dan Duffy

Dan Duffy

Ok, here’s a little known fact about yours truly… I am a total sports nerd. Deep down, I’ve always wanted to be a baseball player, so of course I got really excited when I saw these ‘text illustrations’ by Philadelphia artist Dan Duffy. If you didn’t already notice, his images are comprised of the words and statistics of the subjects – the Harry Kalas tribute is made up of the Hall of Famer’s greatest and most memorable calls during his almost 40 years of play-by-play commentating for the Philadelphia Phillies, and there’s another with the scores from every game of the 2008 Phillies world championship season. I’ll understand if the sports references get lost on you, but make sure to look after the jump for the illustrations of Barack Obama (text from his inaugural address), Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (“I Have A Dream” speech), and Abraham Lincoln (second inaugural address).

Chris Dent


Chris Dents‘ illustrations on architecture explore the modern metropolis. His unique pen style shows the energy of the city through intricate and detailed drawings.

Stevie Gee


Stevie Gee is an emerging artist working under Stemagency from London. his use of vibrant color and character based illustrations are characterized as bizarre and witty.