Rob Flowers


Rob Flowers illustration and artwork takes you back to the circus days. His whimsical themes, and fantastic illustrations makes you feel like a kid again

Carrie Louise

Benny & The Jets

Carrie Louise takes set design and photography to a new level! Her work is downright playful!  From conception to completion her hands on and experimental style creates a new world of fun. 

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Jerome Prieur

Picture 2Jerome Prieur injects his work with medieval madness.  The style reminds me of illuminated maunscripts fused with detailed medical illustrations.  Jerome has a few new pieces in a group show at Cella Gallery in North Hollywood.  The opening is on March 27th.

Louis Cameron

Louis Cameron     005

Very cool show from artist Louis Cameron at I-20 in New York. In my humble opinion, there are few subjects that have as much cultural significance as the American Flag, so it doesn’t surprise me that artists continue to try their hand at reinterpreting the ‘Stars and Stripes’. The paintings in this show depict flags that were created in the 1960′s as a response to the Pan-African Flag (designed by Marcus Garvey), and were meant to symbolically represent the African-American experience. So there, you get some art and a little history lesson on a wonderful sunday afternoon!

Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley, photo credit Todd Heisler

I heard about a new public art installation called Event Horizon set to debut in the area around Madison Square Park in New York, so I decided to go check it out for myself, not simply because Event Horizon is one of my all time favorite horror flicks, but because it also sounded like an amazing way to spend a beautiful friday afternoon. English sculptor Antony Gormley cast 31 different molds of himself, and has placed them on a series of rooftop perches along the city skyline. There are supposed to be more of these naked men standing on the grounds of Madison Square Park and on the sidewalks in the surrounding area, but I could not find them when I was out and about. It was pretty cool to spot one of these guys from far away, but I’m not sure I would’ve noticed them if I wasn’t already looking. Nevertheless, very very cool. I dug a little deeper, and it turns out Gormley is an extremely accomplished artist, with museum shows all over the world, and several prominent public sculptures, including The Angel of the North located in Gateshead, England. He also won the Turner Prize in 1994, which if you didn’t know, is kind of a big deal. I strongly suggest going to check it out!

Kit Webster – Digital Sculpture

Kit Webster challenges the conventional use of space in a gallery with his installation, Enigmatica.  Using light to create an illusion of mass, Kit breaks up the room and reconfigures the environment with this digital sculpture.  I’d definitely like to see this in person.

Alexa Meade

Picture 9

Remember that one time you visited a haunted house and you swore the painting’s eyes were following you?  Or perhaps you can recall the last time you saw a painting that was so convincing, you couldn’t believe it was a painting?  Alexa Meade is an installation artist who bridges that gap.  She paints on anything from found objects to live models for her installations.  She has a show opening at Postmasters Gallery in NY on April 2.

Roe Ethridge

Roe Ethridge

Stylish, slick, and sexy photographs from artist Roe Ethridge. I was recently introduced to his work by a friend and his subtle and somewhat nonchalant images immediately captured my attention. I found this quote in a self-written press release for a recent show of Roe’s at Andrew Kreps Gallery, and I think he gets it right on the money here.
“One of the reasons I’ve been so interested in this kind of displaced, broad scope approach is an effort to embrace the arbitrariness of the image and image making. For me serendipity and intention are both necessary. Another reason for the wild style is the dread of conclusiveness. The dread of finitude. This work is against death and finality. No, that’s too hyperbolic, let’s say it’s about working in the service of the image and getting my kicks too.”