Tofer Chin

Tofer Chin

Whoa, seriously psychedelic work from artist Tofer Chin. I’m not always the biggest fan of all things Op-Art, but I really like the way Tofer pushes the boundaries of a somewhat tired act. In particular, his “Discus Thrower” caught my eye as being an especially impressive and imaginative reinterpretation of both a traditional piece of art, and an avant-garde style of painting. His show “Alex” closes tomorrow at Fecal Face in San Francisco, so go quickly before it’s too late!!

Nick Cave

nick cave head explode

Chicago artist Nick Cave is currently showing at the Fowler Museum. We got a chance to interview him last year. Nick transforms found objects into what he calls “Soundsuits”.  These suits are not just sculptural works but meant to be worn.  Imagine wearing one of these to the next costume party you attend? Performers inside the suits emit noises, hence the title “Soundsuits”.  The above image reminds me of our BD shirt: Explosion.  Apparently Cave, an Alvin-Ailey trained dancer, plans to eventually have a world-traveling show with 90 Soundsuit-creatures.

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Culinary Fine Arts

mondrian cake At the SFMOMA’s Rooftop Coffee Bar, baker Caitlin Williams Freeman has found a fun way to pay homage to the artists featured in the museum.  If you’re in the area, visit the museum, then swing by the Coffee Bar to munch on pastries of art you just saw!

Awesome Video of the Day: Kumi Yamashita

As a bit of a followup to the previous post on shadow art, here is a video on Kumi Yamashita. Her work is incredibly innovative. After looking at the images and wondering how she made them, watching this video is quite insightful.

Shadow Art

tim noble and sue webster metal fucking rats
It is time to up your game, shadow puppeteers. This morning presents you with some shadow art that will challenge your routine. The main artists featured here are Kumi Yamashita plus the art team Tim Noble and Sue Webster (who are responsible for the above image). Even if you’re afraid of your own shadow, don’t miss out on the goodies after the jump.

Hope Gangloff

Hope Gangloff

Yes Yes!! I’m enamored with these drawings by Hope Gangloff. A touch of that downtown super-cool, but with a candid feeling of tenderness – Hope has a distinct way of making you feel like you know these people, and that you’re sharing a special moment in time with them… Or at least I’d like to…

Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Jean-Philippe Delhomme

So the other day I met this super cool french girl who turned me on to Jean-Philippe Delhomme. Mixing equal parts flattery and satire, his unique vision of the contemporary social scene is bitting and beautiful all at once. Turns out Delhomme worked as an illustrator at Glamour for years creating his signature brand of ‘fictional portraits,’ depicting the outlandish attitudes and behavior of high society. He also runs an awesome blog called The Unknown Hipster, and with a name like that, how could you not fall in love?

Two Rabbits

My good buddies at Two Rabbits Studios have recently updated their site and online store.  If you haven’t heard of these fellas, you should put your ears to the ground more often. Though they may be named after a small gentle animal, they are a stampeding herd of buffalos who will trample you with their design and printing skills.  They’ve done concert posters for all of your favorite musicians and probably your mother’s favorites as well. (P.S. They silk screened one of the inserts in Book 2).