Taras Hrabowsky

ThingPit from taras hrabowsky on Vimeo.

Close your eyes.  Imagine a Drive-In movie theater, huge projections covering a massive wall.  Now imagine that the projectionist is sitting in a van and has no permission.  Instead of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, the projection is of some face melting graphics, like the above video.  That’s what you get with the work of Taras Hrabowsky.  After the jump, you can see some documentation of these guerilla projections.  Keep your eyes peeled, as Taras may be coming to a city near you with this cross country tour.

Sara Cwynar

sara cwynar paranoiaFeel free to blame Canada for the fun artwork of Toronto-based photographer Sara Cwynar.  The above image is a ‘fictional manifestation of paranoia’.  The cluttered composition and mischievous raccoon makes me a bit paranoid, even though I enjoy it.  Sara was even featured in The New York Times magazine, and she’s still in school!  You can also see Sara’s work on her Tumblr page.

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Artist Interview: Mark Licari

Mark Licari
A couple of weeks ago, we featured Mark Licari on the B/D blog, and the response was so positive that we decided to catch up with the man himself and ask him some questions about his work, squids, and life in LA. Licari’s world is full of sea creatures, crawling bugs, exploding volcanoes, and the degenerative force that turns a clean room into a big fat mess. In addition to his vibrant works on paper, elaborate lithographs, and hilarious sculptures, he also creates dramatic wall drawings that will make you ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ like a little kid. His show at the Monterey Museum of Art is on view through February 14th, so go check it out!

William Emmert

emmert williams 1Ever wondered what to do with all those baseball cards you collected as young squirt?  William Emert has a good solution.  Instead of selling his collection at the local sports memorabilia store, he decided to turn his old trading cards into art. 

Aaron Nagel

aaron nagel 3Hey kids, you don’t need to go to art school!  Look what self-taught painter, Aaron Nagel accomplishes without formal training.  This specific series of paintings feature beautiful women, who almost seem to be martyrs, against a dark abyss.  In a strange way, the portraits feel religious and slightly sacrilegious at the same time.   Aaron has upcoming shows in San Francisco and Florida.

Dear Van Gogh

mike mak Dear Van Gogh 1Whether you’ve already had your morning coffee or not, here’s a mug full of satire from Mike Mak.  The ear is made of silicone, so you can stretch and play with it. Yummy! If you ever wanted to channel the spirit of good old Vincent, now there is officially a way you can do that.

Lauren Perlstein

lauren perlstein forest Photographer Lauren Perlstein serves up a hot dish of variety from forests to tatted up hooligans strapped on the toilet. Check out her Flickr account.

Andres Guerrero

Andres Guerrero
Former White Walls Gallery owner Andres Guerrero has been making some epic skull and currency infused paintings that really pop. He has a show going up at Subliminal Projects in LA from February 6th through March 6th, so make sure you go check it out!