Patricia Piccinini’s Incredible Skywhale Hot Air Balloon




Floating high above the sky Patricia Piccinini’s Skywhale hot air balloon is a thing of wonder. Commissioned by The Centenary Of Canberra the massive flying sculpture that is a cross between a turtle, breasts and prehistoric fish will be making the rounds in Australia during 2013.

Here’s what creative director of the COC had to say about this project:

“Observing Canberra’s continuing love of the spectacle of hot air balloons , each autumn gracing the airspace over the national capital, I wanted to offer this highly visible ‘canvas’ to an Australian artist as a Centenary of Canberra commission. Patricia Piccinini is one of Australia’s most successful ‘sculptors’, her work seen in major collections in Australia, and a survey show broke all attendance records for the Tasmanian Museum and Gallery: she has had recent exhibitions in Nashville, Istanbul and London. Her highly imaginative work invites us every time to think about the human condition, and it was this relationship with the very concept of ‘life on Earth’ that made me think of her. Many special shape balloons have started to replicate characters or animals, but they are mostly caricatures and in the realm of kitsch, rather than art.

To my delight, Patricia was immediately responsive to the idea of her work in a new form, and insisted that it would not be a novelty, but a continuation of her ouevre and its years of investigation into the way life has evolved. This is exactly what the new work is, and we are so proud to have been able to find the resources to help this great artist make it happen. That Patricia was educated in Canberra, also makes this a celebration of the fine talent that the national capital has, and continues to produce.” (via)

Watch three fantastic videos with the artist in her studio as well as footage of the Skywhale in flight after the jump!

Oli-B’s Beautiful Shapeshifting Abstract Street Art

Oli-b street art

Oli-b street art

Oli-b street art

When Brussels, Belgium based street artist Oli-B isn’t busy creating his fluid abstractions on the walls of europe he is working in the studio on a variety of personal and commercial collaborations. Starting as a traditional graffiti artist that dealt with the manipulation of typography, Oli-B has gradually transitioned from lettering to characters and finally to the present where the characters have evolved into amorphous shapes and colors that only hint at the presence of a figure with the occasional eye or mouth. (via)

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Made With Color Presents: Britton Tolliver’s Deconstructed Grid Paintings

Britton Tolliver painting

Britton Tolliver painting

Britton Tolliver painting

This week we’re bringing you another talented artist as part of our partnership with premiere website building platform Made With Color. Each week we bring you some of the most exciting artists and designers working today who are using Made With Color to create clean and sleek websites. Made With Color sites aren’t just easy on the eyes but feature powerful yet simple backend which allows anyone to create a professional site with just a few clicks.This week we are excited to share the layered paintings of Los Angeles based painter Britton Tolliver.

Where does abstraction and geometry meet? In what field do they cease to be independent systems and gel into one hybrid – something new altogether? Britton Tolliver’s idiosyncratic paintings are deeply rooted in this intersection. Neither solely abstract nor geometric, his paintings really entertain another idea, which is difficult to pin down. It is in the amalgamation of these different ideas and processes that Tolliver’s paintings find their own identity, somewhere in the middle of both.

See more of Britton’s works after the jump or in person on may 22nd at LAND’s group show “Painting In Place” in Los Angeles and in a three person show at Samuel Freeman Gallery in June.

Ryan De La Hoz’s Digital & Analog Paper Works At RVCA

San Francisco based artist Ryan De La Hoz has expanded upon his ink and paper cut practice to include laser cut sculptures made with hand manipulated found imagery, textile works, and pieces made from custom fabricated puzzles that have been meticulously disassembled and rearranged to form dynamic compositions. This new media is presented along with his signature hand cut paper and ink works for the first time in his new solo exhibition What New Mystery Is This at RVCA SF. The exhibition presents a fractured alternate history where statues warp and pulsate alongside dizzying Op-Art. The exhibition is on view daily 11 – 7 through May 25th at RVCA | VASF 1485 Haight St  San Francisco, CA 94117. Photos: Sami Naffziger.

Made With Color Presents: Benjamin Grossblat’s Twisted Celebrity Illustrations

Benjamin GrossblattBenjamin GrossblattBenjamin Grossblatt

We’re keeping the steady stream of amazing artwork coming as a part of our partnership with premiere website building platform Made With Color. Each week we bring you some of the most exciting artists and designers working today who are using Made With Color to create clean and sleek websites. Made With Color sites aren’t just good looking, they are extremely easy to set up with no coding involved and an intuitive user interface that makes building a site a breeze. This week we are delighted to bring you the kooky and humorous  celebrity illustrations of Benjamin Grossblat!

Benjamin Grossblat’s illustrations are fanciful, innocent and twisted at the same time. And no more is this evident than in his celebrity portraits. In his portraits Morgan Freeman is almost boyish with his curly lashes, freckles and sparkly eyes while Kim Jong Il is an endlessly wrinkly amorphous blob with mustard yellow teeth.  The faces of these famous figures are instantly recognizable, by distorting them, Benjamin manages to capture their essence; the portraits have a certain vulnerability and humor that makes even the scowling Trump more likeable.

Made With Color Presents: Benjamin Gardner’s Deconstructed Geometric Abstractions

Benjamin Gardner sculpture

Benjamin Gardner Painting

Benjamin Gardner sculpture

Beautiful/Decay has partnered with premiere website building platform Made With Color  to bring you some of the most exciting contemporary artists working today. Made With Color allows you to create a website that is professional and easy to use with just a few clicks and no coding. This week we bring you the Deconstructed geometric abstractions of Benjamin Gardner!

Great things can be found in the mid-west such as the work of DeMoines, Iowa based painter and sculptor Benjamin Gardner. When we usually think about geometric abstraction we think of razor precision lines and carefully calculated angles. However Gardner bucks the norm by presenting a deconstructed geometry where it’s angles bend and sway in ways more aligned with abstract expressionism. Creating both sculpture and paintings (and often a combination of both) Gardner’s work calls upon the visual language of mystic texts, constellations, mandalas and hex signs combined with found objects and materials for surprising results that make us ponder the space between intuitive mark making and mathematical precision.

The Incredible Micro Paintings Of Hasan Kale

Hasan KaleHasan KaleHasan Kale

Hasan Kale likes to work on a small scale. How small? Lets just say that he could probably stuff an entire lifetime of work in his shirt pocket and still have room for a pack of gum. The Turkish painter creates miniature landscapes and portraits on everything from coffee beans to chili pepper seeds making Persian miniature paintings feel like massive murals in comparison. While the subject matter isn’t the most groundbreaking we can’t help but get a bit giddy about the thought of biting into a chili pepper and seeing a painting of a turban clad man staring back at us. (via)