Alejandra Villasmil’s Bizarre Collage World

Alejandra villasmil

Alejandra Villasmil’s creepy collages frighten and intrigue me all at once.

Illustrator Spotlight: Théo Gennitsakis

Loving these delicate and funny illustrations by Paris based. Théo Gennitsakis.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Anti Gravity Free Fall

Ever think about what it would be like if gravity disappeared in the middle of the night? Zurich raised and NYC based filmmaker Elias Ressegatti did. Here are the results.

Photography Spotlight: Paul Paper

paul paper photography

Paul Paper lives in Vilnius, Lithuania where he daydreams, sleeps, walks and sometimes takes pictures. He shoots spontaneously, capturing what he calls “the tiny tiny miracle in boring every day.”

Awesome Video Of The Day: Maestro Moustache

I only wish that the world was as much fun as the one in Omar Meradi’s video.

Illustrator Spotlight: Tom Pearce

Tom Pearce london drawings

I love the simplicity and quirky nature of  London based illustrator Tom Pearce‘s work.

Conrad Ruiz

I like Conrad Ruiz’s painting a lot but I like his ambition even more. Video by Clement & Co.

Awesome Video Of The Day- Maggie And Mildred

This is nuts! Hand stitched animation????

By Holly Klein