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EQUINOX fitness clubs
Eyes, we all have them. And they’re attached to the body that we have to take to the gym, so why not go to a gym that’s good looking? Take EQUINOX fitness clubs for example. The décor is zen-spa inspired. The yoga room has relaxing lighting, it’s oval shaped with bamboo floors and every mat is neatly tucked away in its place.

Everywhere you turn it’s another tasteful sign, piece of furniture or gleaming surface- a far cry from the usual garish colors and cluttered ambiance of other gyms. The treadmills even have a place to plug in your iPod and charge it, if that isn’t attention to detail, I don’t know what is.

Beautiful/Decay readers, we know you’re a discerning bunch, and you appreciate thoughtful design and great aesthetics, so get yourself over to Equinox for a 3 day trial and soak up the good-looking atmosphere for yourself.

Ramona Falls

Cool creative music video for Barsuck records recording artists, Ramona Falls. Directed by Stefan Nadelman. I wonder if this is made using all clip art?

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Ryan Spring Dooley

Cool promo animation spot for Ryan Spring Dooley‘s web site.



While killing some time online I stumbled across the work of Dana Dart-McLean on Small A Projects website. Small A Projects works with a wide array of young up and coming artists like Dana who work in every medium from sculpture to photography to painting. I haven’t had a chance to stop by the gallery and see the space in person but it looks like a worthwhile destination on your next trip to NYC.


When I sleep at night this is what my dreams look like. OKAY….. maybe they don’t look like this but I wish they did.

By Emilia Forstreuter

Hatchet Hacker!

Created by Marc Lewis at The Glamorgan Centre for Art & Design Technology in 1994.

Happy Halloween

This video is complete nonsense but I’m amused. This kid is creative!


PNTS Graphic Design

PNTS, a graphic design studio based in France has some nice works on their portfolio site.