Studio Visit: Jacin Giordano

jacin giordano paintings

I recently  had the chance to visit the studio of Jacin Giordano in sunny Miami Florida. Jacin and I went to college together in Baltimore where he received his BFA at Maryland Institute College of Art. He’s  been quite busy as of late with shows at Fredric Snitzer Gallery in Miami as well as Galerie Baumet Sultana in Paris. As you can see from the photo above Jacin’s work is incredibly labor intensive. He uses hundreds (if not thousands) of gallons of glue, paint and god knows what else to create paintings and sculptures filled with deep crevasses and caverns waiting to be explored. Here is a sneak peak at his process, studio and his next batch of work for his 2010 solo show at Frederic Snitzer.

The September Issue

I just got back from watching The September Issue and could not wait to blog about it. This documentary revolves around Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine. Anna is the undisputed queen of fashion having everyone from Oscar De La Renta to Karl Lagerfeld listen to her every word. She has an affinity for wearing unbearable amounts of fur (think Cruella De Vil) and giving everyone the “ice woman” look of death. While the documentary was intended to focus on Anna, the real star of the doc is Vogue creative director Grace Coddington. Grace’s amazing direction in photoshoots and dry sense of humor hijack the documentary and make Anna a mear side note. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone interested in publications, the fashion, or the creative world at large.  I left the theater feeling inspired to create, create, create!

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Metal On Metal- Damn!

Lets Phantom are two designers from Lithuania who apparently animate and direct for food (& money). They’ve just directed their first music video for the crazy Lithuanian electro,noise,hiphop,etc..etc.. band Metal On Metal. Kind of gnarly!

Suzanna Zak

suzanna zak

Since I started Beautiful/Decay while attending the Maryland Institute College Of Art I have a soft spot for artists working in Baltimore. There’s something about living Baltimore (see “The Wire” for more on that) that changes you and your artwork forever. Baltimore is a giant pot of crazy that just seeps into your work and wont let go. Keep up the good work Suzanna and make us Alums proud!

Check out Suzanna’s Flickr account here and her portfolio over here.

Rye Rye

Great video with M.I.A. protege Rye Rye by our friends at  This video visits the rising star in the studio working on her yet as unreleased album and at a WWD Daily photo shoot. The 18-year-old Baltimore native shares the story of how she came up, a few dance moves and what she likes to rap about.

It’s amazing how kids that are still in highschool are making such big waves w/out major record labels. You can thank the internet for that!

Died Young Stayed Pretty

I gotta admit that I was really excited to see Died Young Stayed Pretty, a new full length documentary focusing on the DIY rock poster (see movement that has brewing in the US and beyond for the the last decade. The doc has hundreds of interviews with big names (many of whom you’ve never heard of) within the close knit rock poster scene,who discuss personal taste, poster philosophies, and what role money,drugs, and 70′s&80′s porn plays in rock posters. Many of the artists interviewed are amazingly talented (i.e. Tyler Stout & Brian Chippendale) and interesting, sharing with the viewer a small glimpse of their creative process.

Masters Of The Universe

542,000,000 years after the start of the Phanerozoic eon comes the announcement of self-titled sound clip “Masters of the Universe - part 2″ by collaborative creative group The Russian Frost farmers. The video is a tad on the long side (13  but it’s got the usual psychedelic lo-fi meets shaman noise band sounds that are so prelevenant these days. Worth a look.

Craig Nunn

craig nunn

Craig Nunn is a London based photographer and one third of pop group Internet Forever.