Richard Petrucci Live!

Richard Petrucci

A small selection of live show photographs by Brooklyn based  Richard Petrucci.

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Nicholas Hughes- In Darkness

Nicholas Hughes Photography

Nicholas Hughes photographs of luminous desolate landscapes.

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Layered City By Devon T.S. Tsuno

Devon T.S. Tsuno paintings
Paintings by Devon T.S. Tsuno

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Claire Sherman’s Landscape Paintings

Claire Sherman crevice

Claire Sherman paints some of the juiciest landscape paintings around. These images really don’t do her work justice as the paintings have a rich texture and color to them that is hard to capture in reproductions. If you’re a fan of Tomory Dodge or Cecily Brown then make sure to visit Claire’s site or the Kavi Gupta Gallery site for more images.

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Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva’s Paper works

Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva

Russian born and Rotterdam based Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva has a large collection of quirky works on paper on her site. One of my favorites has to be “I Consist of Frogs” which is pictured above.

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Jesus’s Christmas Sweaters By Helena Tokutake

helena tokutake drawings

Not much info on brazilian artist Helena Tokutake’s site but there is a nice assortment of drawings depicting sweaters, crosses, and quirky landscapes.

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Linzi Silverman- Portal photographs

Linzi Silverman Photographs

Linzi Silverman has a wide variety of photographs on her blog but my favorite would be the documentation of these entrances, windows, and exits that she photographs. More after the jump!

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Jennifer Sullivan- Bad Means Good

Jennifer Sullivan Paintings

When I first saw Jennifer Sullivan’s work I didn’t like it. But after looking at it for a few days it’s slowly growing on me. At first glance the paintings may seem naive and referencing the late 90’s craze of “bad painting” but I think there are some interesting things going on in the work that deserve a closer look.

Make sure to visit her site and explore the installations that sometimes accompany the work as well as Jennifer’s hilarious “feelings/Ideas” section where she ponders everything from “art based outfits” to “Artists That I Think Are Really Cool”.

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