Cursor Kite

Cursor Kite

Is that a plane? A bird? Or perhaps, a Cursor Kit? Nerd alert! Very little is known about this kite. It seems to be bringing the desktop of your computer outdoors (pfff, finally). Quad-line control, asymmetrical framing, nearly invisible hand-formed stainless fittings, and opposed-bow tensioning for the sail make this incredible kite look digitally pasted right into the sky. Read more to watch a video of it in motion.



French design group HELMO (Thomas Couderc, Clément Vauchez) has an amazing knack for using the simplicity and elegance of photography in design.

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Lee Walton acts out your Facebook status

In self-described “experientialist” artist Lee Walton’s most recent project (though on his Vimeo, it seems the last upload was 9 months ago…), he will perform what his Friends on facebook are doing. This online project will only be viewable to those listed as Friends on the web site. The man is hilarious and ridiculously clever- I’ve added him as a friend, so should you!


NAM for Digital Temple

Nam is a Japanese graphic art collective established by Takayuki Nakazawa (Graphic Designer) and Hiroshi Manaka (Photographer). This is their special project for Digital Temple magazine.

Nouema Desire

Video by Jessie Rose Vala and Eric Nordhauser (co-owner of LA art space SHOWCAVE). Floating eyes and expanding slits. Creepy. Pretty.

Rasmus Danø

Rasmus Danø

The monumental works of Danish artist Rasmus Danø orbit the dark side of modernity: The atom bomb, the polluted landscape, the decay of pop culture back yards like Disneyland and Graceland. Using a condensed and dramatic form mixing elements of comic book art, Californian underground, and murals with the great European tradition, the large scale religious implementations of the Baroque in particular, Danø works range from the traditional painting to reliefs and singular objects.

Get your 2010 Calendar from Warp Weft Woof!

Warp Weft Woof 2010 Calendar

WWW is a design collaborative currently producing fabrics at a US mill. For their 2010 calendar, each month is an individual offset poster presenting pattern concepts for their fabric collection next year. Twelve months of textile designs!

Beccy Ridsdel’s unorthodox dinnerware


English ceramist Beccy Ridsdel has worked as ceramics technician at York College for nearly 10 years and recently discovered her love of bone china and porcelain. Her latest work is an installation set up as an interrupted laboratory experiment – ceramics being dissected, like an autopsy, to find out what lays beneath the surface. This dinnerware cruelty/beautification was inspired by her mother, who is also a ceramist!