Human Highway – The Sound

Actually quite a simple video and concept, but it has the key elements that I’m personally into: shapes and floating faces underneath a retro fuzz. Director Olivier Groulx also worked on a video and website concepts for Arcade Fire.

Many Same

yellow anorak

An archival of universal sameness”. Categories include: symbolism, transportation, self, law & order, cats, nine till five, and more.

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Pseudo Nippon in Cosmic Evan


Video and performance artist Kevin Gaffney directed this trippy music video for a Japanese popstar figure Pseudo Nippon that is almost all equal parts Snoop Dog’s “Sexual Seduction”, Gunther’s “Ding Dong Song” and “Vermillion Pleasure Night” (sort of a Japanese version of MadTV or Saturday Night Live… but more fantastical). Feel free to Google any of these listed, you won’t be disappointed.


I think I heard Pseudo Nippon sing this chorus in his song: “If you want war, I’ll eat your family. If you want peace I’ll still eat your family”….ummm…epic!!


Ben Vickers

Weird digital sculptures (?) and installation scenarios by Ben Vickers. His work is all a big inside joke, and while I don’t get it, I think that not getting it is actually getting it? Regardless, I am chuckling along mirthfully.

eyeball 7

I wish I knew this artist’s real name so I didn’t have to refer to her  by her Flickr moniker…but this will have to do for now. The paintings are a little bit too Asian-American (is that a genre?) for my taste…and I feel like maybe I can make this claim because I am a fair representation, but the colors are definitely eye-catching. And I like how auto-biographical the paintings feel.


Michael Guidetti

"(Bounce Room 2), 2009". Digital video projection, watercolor on canvas

"(Bounce Room 2), 2009". Digital video projection, watercolor on canvas

Took me a while to figure out what was going on in this image (well actually, they’re almost all videos) but it’s an awesome visual trick. The rest of Michael Guidetti’s work is along the same vein. Kind of 2D into 3D…so 2.5D?

Jen Stark

Jen Stark shows how explosive layers of colored sheets can be once exposed in the manner of natural disasters and geological formations. 


Clever advertising design firm in Australia.