Pae White’s Rover Momentum

Pae White often uses graphics and decals in her works and she has produced a series of graphic treatments, unique to each vehicle, entitled ‘Rover Momentum’, using an interpretation of the dusks and dawns of the countries represented at the Fair. Her designs create a striking and dynamic ‘vehicle’ for the Fair as the vehicles move across London during the days of the exhibition. 

Daniel Firman

I’m really shocked by how life-like (and well-dressed!) these plaster figures are– what a great art and fashion combo. He also balanced a taxidermied elephant on her trunk, proving something that seems outside the realm of possibility by what we think we know about gravity.

(Photo courtesy Neotorama)

Alright, that’s it for taxidermy! I’ve maxxxed out!

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Qiu Jie’s Chairman Meoooow

670_1230767024“Qiu’s Portrait of Mao is a humorous play on words: “mao” means “cat” in Chinese.

Manystuff cheap Christmas

660_1230144653One of my favorite graphic design blogs celebrates their Christmas cheaply in the spirit of the economic crisis. I, on the other hand, have not given in to holiday consumerism more than this year.

Roe Ethridge

647_1230252858Roe Ethridge’s Double Santa and many other photographs can be seen at the Sutton Lane website.

Tape Gallery


Colored tape, an old Umbro shirt, and some imagination go a long way.

More Soon

635_1229723761This big ball of fleshy manipulation that keeps growing and spinning.


631_1229543312Rafaël Rozendaal’s work in his own words: