Why America Is F*cked…….(Graphically at least)

America Is F*cked…….(Graphically at least) from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.America Is F*cked…….(Graphically at least) from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.

Designer Aaron Draplin’s tirade is probably not the most eloquently phrased criticism on the present practice and goals of graphic design but it definitely holds some truth. He’s actually a branding specialist…

Judge a book

623_1229108553This blog has a really nice collection of the Pelican classics. I really love the reduction of the subject matters to such simple graphical interpretations.

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Bianca Casady

619_1229020346Bianca is the other sister that makes up Coco Rosie but not only does she make half the music, she also makes art! Though sometimes it seems the content is a little questionable.

Girls, put your masks on.

604a_1228504276604a_1228504276-copyApparently there is a convention where women with mask-wearing fetishes gather and frolic… not exactly “art” per say but a topic perhaps deserving of some attention.

Via Everyone Forever


593a_1228269137-copy593b_1228269137Allison Wermager’s trophies for excellent artistic performance. Perhaps the saying ‘the sincerest form of flattery is mockery’ applies here.

Zbigniew Libera

594a_1228158430-copy594b_1228158430Polish artist most well known for his Lego Concentration Camp piece. Apparently Lego gave him the pieces without knowing too much about his true intentions and alas, refused to have anything to do with him when they realized it. There’s a whole bunch of other amazing work on his site, like this little hairy baby that you can shave. By the way, we at Beautiful/Decay in no way shape or form, support Facism or baby-shaving..

I got you something

592_1228156465Arend deGruyter-Helfer gives you a pile of Facebook gifts. Gifs. They’re almost better than a pile of real gifts!

Lasagna Cat

Re-makes of an old classic, imagine Jim Davis on multiple drugs. I always was a fan of men in uniforms… (a fat cat costume?).