Alejandra Villasmil

Alejandra Villasmil

Alejandra Villasmil is a Venezuelan artist who lives and works out of Santiago de Chile since 2007. I like the broad scope of work and use of absurd sculptural mediums.

Augmented Reality instruments

An amazing project taken on by two groups/individuals which I very much revere: Champagne Valentine & Aaron Meyers (responsible for YouCube)’ latest collaborative creation uses augmented reality (and a QR code which you download and print out) to create a virtual musical instrument. The future is so promising!

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P4rty Food 4 at Synchronicity Tonight

Party Food 4

Tonight marks the Los Angeles debut of the fourth (and greatest) chapter in the PARTY FOOD performance art series, P4RTY FOOD 4 by Joseph Gillette at Synchronicity Space LA. This performance contains all our favorite things: poop jokes, puppetry, bad puns, politics, people, and liiiiittle piggies. It’ll be a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY event so don’t miss out. Duh.

Baptiste Debombourg

Baptiste Debombourg

Baptiste Debombourg’s unique approach to medium and spacial presentation includes spending 75 hours pushing staples into a wall to create a “wall painting”, and UV-glueing shards of glass around an urban bus stop, with intention to “provoke some emotion or empathy”. He turns the scenario of each of his installation/sculptures from violent destruction to that of aesthetic appreciation.

Angelo Plessas

Angelo Plessas

Greek-Italian net artist Angelo Plessas uses the internet to create websites that are strange, nervous and poetic at the same time. These websites are mostly interactive drawings and Plessas’ subjects usually involve femininity and portraits of people around him or many sides of himself. These internet pieces often “cover” the real world as objects like murals, installations, collage drawings and prints. His work is similar to that of Rafael Rozendaal’s: short, full-screen, sometimes interactive, Flash movies (they’re small on this blog but they’re pretty invasively pleasing in their native forms). I believe the latter had proclaimed them as some sort of movement, which begs the question of which chicken or egg laid claim on their piece of the internet pie.

WALEE takes Photoshop to a whole new level


My favorite one of WALEE’s insane digital portfolio. The slices in the skin are amazing. And also its depiction of obsessed Facebook (literally) users like me. The image after the jump is really awesome too. Makes me actually feel the liquid…

C W Wells’ miniature world

C W Wells

C W Wells’ sculptures and works on paper are ambassadors that have spilled out from her private world, mere fragments of a vast and complex oeuvre. Her studio and home in South Philadelphia is an archive, kept well stocked with an arsenal of supplies like brushes, clays, glazes, toys, molds, tiny clothes, dolls, and tchochkes. Action figures designed by artists Marcel Dzama and R. Crumb share shelf space with Gumby, Yogi Bear, and other old-school cartoon personalities. There are model trains and dollhouse miniatures, paint-by-numbers, vintage collectables, and two live bunnies. They also remind me of that episode in CSI Las Vegas (the “miniature killer”)…

New works from Parra


Pool Gallery, Arkitip, and Wood & Wood bring to you Dutch illustrator and designer Parra’s first ever exhibition and pop-up shop installation in Germany!