Jeremy Pettis


A graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Jeremy Pettis is an up-and-coming graphic designer specializing in a sort of 1970s American style hand-drawn typography. As his 2007 thesis project, Jeremy created a sort of logotype for 26 different animals (A-Z), attempting to evoke certain characteristics of each animal through clever visual cues and tricks.

Marius Watz


Norwegian artist Marius Watz uses Processing and other programming languages to explore the effects of different rule-based systems on virtual space. The finished product may be printed, sculpted, or a video.

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Will Bryant


Will Bryant is a designer who excels at following design trends. His use of triangles is both ironic and non-ironic. He also has an illustration style that is very reminiscent of a lot of other illustrators working today. Overall, Mr. Bryant is fantastic at creating work following the lead of a select few trendsetters.

Sebastian Lester

sebastian lester

Here’s one for all you typography nerds out there: Londoner graphic designer Sebastian Lester is a typographer, doing freelance work for clients such as GQ, Dell, and the New York Times. He seems to specialize in this sort of formal loopy script stuff, which I find quite impressive. If you like his work, you can buy high quality prints of some of his designs here, though it’d probably help to be British if you want to buy them, cause the exchange rate from dollars to pounds isn’t so good.

Nathalie Du Pasquier


As a founding member of Italian design group Memphis, Milan-based artist and designer Nathalie Du Pasquier has designed a plethora of poppy, bright, and playful textiles, pieces of furniture, and design objects. Since the group’s disbanding in 1987, Nathalie has become more of a traditional artist, creating paintings and sculptures clearly steeped in the distinctive Memphis aesthetic.

Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius has been one of my favorite photographers for a while now. The nostalgic hazy atmosphere that she creates in her photos really taps into my inner sappy-self. Her photos are always so honest, looking though her work is like looking back on photos of your past…except they’re not yours..and they look far more interesting than reality. I know it has been done before, but her point and shoot photos are some of the most beautiful and successful documentations of life that I’ve seen today. Scheynius has been working more with fashion photography, and I think she’s well suited for it because her work is incredibly romantic and she always makes the mundane fantastic.

Kate Moross

Kate Moross

Kate Moross is a designer/illustrator based in London. She specializes in design and art direction in the music industry. Her style and work stand out because her graphics and colors are always simple and bold. Also, I think she’s responsible for the increased popularity of the triangle (ever since she adopted it as her logo). Whether you want to thank her or smack her for that you can’t deny that she has built up quite an impressive body of work. whether it be in the form of a tote bag, music video or signature clothing line for Topshop, Moross designs have become ubiquitous.

B/D Apparel Sneak Peak


We’re gearing up B/D Apparel for another season of collaborations with artists from around the world. It might seem like we just send our the art for the shirts to the printers and wait for them to ship us finished shirts but that’s far from the truth! We spend weeks camped out at our printers fine tuning every single shirt. The process can be grueling with some shirts taking an entire day just to get right. Here are some shots from a recent day at the printer….