Chris Gray


Readers of this blog may already be familiar with Chris Gray whether they’re aware of it or not. This is because he’s designed a couple shirts for Beautiful/Decay Apparel: Sex and Casual Apple. Based in the UK, Mr. Gray has been going off with some seriously good design and illustration work since graduating in 2007. His work is simple and crisp, evoking a certain playfulness through bold fills.

Christian Weber


American photographer Christian Weber‘s work often finds him in the midst of a barren landscape. This can sometimes mean a cold, industrial city or a desolate NASA laboratory. Or, in the more traditional sense of “barren landscape,” it can mean the wide open spaces of Iceland or New Mexico, pictured above. The way he chooses to capture these spaces – in a very straightforward, documentarian/detached manner, is a reflection of the environments themselves.

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Cory Arcangel

I’m guessing that most readers of this blog are familiar with New York-based artist Cory Arcangel. He is, as far as I can tell, one of the more famous artists currently creating work in that bizarre intersection of technology, low-brow Internet culture, and art. And while I’m a fan of his work in general, I also realize his stuff can be rather hit or miss. So I was happy when I recently revisited his site and discovered his most recent work: Drei Klavierst├╝cke op. 11, which I rather like. The piece is a recreation of Arnold Schoenberg’s composition of the same name, entirely constructed from amateur YouTube clips of cats playing piano.

On Arcangel’s page documenting the project, you can read more about his technical process (it involved audio analyzing software and custom perl scripts), as well as listen to a comparison of an original recording of the piece by Glenn Gould alongside Arcangel’s result. The second two parts of the video are after the jump.

Stefan Kanchev


Stefan Kanchev (1915-2001) was a prolific Bulgarian graphic designer who is still famous for his many logos. The marks are all crisp, clever, and immediately effective. A website of his work has recently been assembled by a team of graphic designers and web developers who have taken it upon themselves to dig up his 1000+ logos and other designs. Somebody get this man a Wikipedia entry!

Mario Hugo


New York-based designer/illustrator/art director/what have you Mario Hugo is a talented guy. Working mostly in print, he creates work that utilizes his painting skills in a way that feels very sophisticated and contemporary. Mr. Hugo is also the co-owner of an artist management firm called Hugo & Marie.

Albert Folch

Albert Folch

Albert Folch is a young artist based in Barcelona, Spain. Folch has established himself as a freelance designer with his own studio, his efforts are focused on editorial, book catalog and magazine design. Its difficult not to be amazed by the quality and quantity of his work. How many of us are that good that often?

Ai Kijima

Ai Kijima

Tokyo born artistAi Kijima (now residing in Brooklyn, NY) makes elaborate quilted pieces. When I first saw (her or his?) work I thought they were illustrations. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the process. Check them out, the colors are outrageous.

Christina Tivemark

Christina Tivemark

Christina Tivemark is a multi-media artist, and her body of work represents this clearly. Looking through her website you can see a great variety of mediums used. She is very direct about the materials she chooses and hold interest in constructions, perspectives and space. The above image is of an installation entitled “Childhood Games II”. The white picket fence is symbolic of privacy, childhood and growth. Tivemark says that this piece explores ” the boundaries and protection domestically and within society”. I think that this piece is a beautiful examination of security.