Jesse Edwards- The Thugged Out Bob Ross

Jesse Edwards isa painter from Seattle who’s been living in NYC for nearly two years. I moved to NYC around the same time as he did and he was one of the first artists I met here. Jesse is really funny because he does these really technically amazing paintings with a Monet sensibility but then he acts all ruggish-thuggish. His subject matter is often “real shit” and its even funnier to see him talk about painting. Talking to Jesse about painting is awesome because he instantly kills all pretension. Its really fun to hang around someone who doesn’t give a shit, yet has more cred than someone who gives too much of a shit. Check out some of his paintings and maybe this will start to make more sense..

Studio Visit: Allie Pisarro-Grant

Allie Pisarro-Grant is an artist I was very delighted to have met here in New York.  She attended RISD and has been working in New York City for the past 7 years. One day while commuting to work I saw Allie holding a Pearl Paint bag, so I decided to talk to her. Since then I’ve caught her work at The Brucennial and we’ve been friends ever since. She also coincidentally showed last New Years with some of my friends in Milwaukee. Recently we met up to do a studio visit and I got to know her work a little better.

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Studio Visit: Trudy Benson and Russell Tyler

Trudy Benson and Russell Tyler are a married, power-painting couple. I first found out about Trudy maybe 3 years ago. My friend friend showed me her work via the internet and I was very impressed.  A couple months after that I went to New York and got to check out her show at Freight + Volume and was blown away.  Recently I got in touch with Trudy to see if I could come visit her studio- I took the opportunity to check out her work and as well as Russell’s.