David Mascha




David Mascha, an artist based in Vienna, Austria, has been working with different design studios since 2005.  He has also done work for international clients, print magazines, fashion and design labels, and books.  David has also had work displayed in exhibitions in Asia and Europe.  I really like his diverse but defined style. Every piece he does is bold in its own way. 


Benoit Lemoine


Hypersomnia Close-Up

Hypersomnia Close-Up


Benoit Lemoine‘s design work has been featured in publications, such as Stereographics, Data Flow, and Tangible. Whether it’s experimenting with tape, collaborating with a friend to feign consciousness, or conveying a designer’s workspace, Lemoine executes it all cleverly!


Enjoy his projects after the jump!


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Jochen Schievink

Urban Cowboy


Urban Cowboy



Jochen Schievink has some really neat comics and illustration work. Even though he seems to employ a stream of consciousness method, his work is always pristine and quite charming. 

Schievink has appeared in numerous group exhibitions around Germany, and has been featured in publications like Die Zeit and Falter.


Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung

Siddhartha Obama

Siddhartha Obama


Born in Hong Kong, Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung now lives and works in New York. His art is incredibly socially conscious, exploring and excelling in high-definition video animation, video games, net.art, digital graphics, and mixed media installations. Currently in progress is video installation “In GOD We Trust.” He envisions Obama as a reincarnation of seven spiritual leaders and prophets. Far from worshipping Obama, “In GOD We Trust” delves into the hopes and changes the 44th U.S. president promises to deliver–and the obstacles he will encounter along the way.


P.S. The “GOD” in “In God We Trust” is an acronym for “Global Obama Devotion.” Not our national motto!


Grady O’Connor



Born in Los Angeles and currently residing in New York City, photographer Grady O’Connor pulls you in immediately with images of both the naturally majestic and the slightly disturbing. At first glance, “Blob” looks like a spectacular shot of kneaded dough. I actually have no idea what his subject is, but I want to say that it’s either a close-up of fungi or the insides of a cave. Either way, it’s quite a magnificent shot.


O’Connor has exhibited with the Humble Arts Foundation, Brooklyn Artists Gym, and Anne Henning Gallery


Marck Fink



A selection of amazing paintings by Marck Fink. There is something so playful and innocent about them… yet also something so dark. 


Carson Ellis




To communicate both weighty (The Irish Famine, racism, war) and frivolous (clandestine love affairs with Bigfoot?) subject matter, Carson Ellis utilizes a subtle color palette and gentle linework. Her art is similar to children’s books in that the dialogue (if any) is limited, but the illustrations and their message speak volumes. And she’s married to Colin Meloy, the lead singer of The Decemberists!


[hu]Man vs. Machine



As his name hints, [hu]Man vs. Machine delivers work created with traditional materials in order to mimic what can be done with the computer. His work is very enjoyable and ranges from ink drawings to paintings to installations.