Tommy Reynolds


Some incredibly and bizarrely detailed photography by Tommy Reynolds. These photographs are able to get across reynolds’ concept, but are still seemingly candid. Personally I enjoy how these photos highlight the beauty behind a mess. 


made by sawdust

Middle Boop Magazine detail

Sawdust is a design studio out of London. Check their sexy typography.


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Rodrigo Fuenzalida


Did anyone hear about the possibility of the United States opening its travel sanctions with Cuba? I love Barack Obama! Before the 2008 election, the Castro administration stated that they were “very interested” in sitting down for discussion with the United States, but only after there were no Bushs in the white house. No joke. He really said that. And I cant blame him, Bush has been such a dickhead towards Fidel and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez that we Americans had no possibility of becoming friends with our southern cousins. This is a small taste of the amazing Venezuelan graphic design talent that we are missing due to our modern day mccarthyism.



Micachu is a 21 year old musician from the UK.  She makes dance and experimental music. Can’t wait to hear them live.



Austin Eddy


If you are reading this right now, then you stil have time to catch Austin Eddys new work at Thrones Gallerys show Insider Art . 123 N. Jefferson st. in Chicago. It closes the 10th so you better jump on that plane soon, Im not sure what the time difference is.


Yueh Alex Lu

The fact that my name is also Alex explains my natural affinity for this work, but that isnt the sole explanation of the genius of Yueh Alex Lu.


Who is Mouchette?

Mouchette: a website created by a pseudonymous author carrying the identity of Mouchette, is an artist, claims to be “nearly thirteen” and living in Holland, but the persona of this person, both real and virtual I cant explain, but is amazing.

Heathen Swine

Charles Guthries collection of documentary photos that escape into fun portraiture.