Matthew Palladino’s New Claustrophobic Paintings

We have featured the work of NY based Matthew Palladino on the blog in the past (here). He has an uncanny ability to reveal subtle dark humor within everyday objects and situations. Palladino has just unveiled a new series of vinyl on canvas and ink on paper paintings that extend his cryptic vision. Figures sway as his claustrophobic compositions warp and pulsate. In other pieces fabric swatches shift and mutate throughout explosive abstractions. In his own words, “The work I make is not like science, it doesn’t begin with a question. It instead tends to end in a question.”

Bubi Canal’s Whimsical & Surreal Photographs

Bubi Canal was born in Spain and currently lives in New York City. His lavish photographs are inhabited by whimsical beings free of inhibitions. Surreal childlike notions are presented against stark land and cityscapes. In his own words Canal wishes to highlight “…wishes, dreams, magic and love.” His youthful optimism shines as his striking imagery transports the viewer to a marvelous world all his own. Canal has just opened a solo exhibition entitled Special Moment that runs through March 10th at Munch Gallery NY.

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Julius Hofmann’s Brash Paintings

Julius Hofmann lives and works in Germany. His acrylic on canvas paintings have depth and surface details that harken back to early stop motion puppet or clay animation stills. His work operates like a series of vignettes that may or may not be part of a unifying narrative. Themes of desperation, fear, and paranoia emerge from his muted scenes. Like projected nightmares Hofmann’s brash and haunting works thrill and mystify.

Gregory Ito is Moonstruck

SF based installation artist Gregory Ito has just wrapped his latest exhibition at Eleanor Harwood Gallery entitled Moonstruck. The press release defines the show as “…an exhibition that deconstructs Ito’s impassioned relationship with the Moon, in hopes of connecting viewers with the constant looming presence of the lunar sphere that floats high above us.  By referencing domestic spaces, romantic companionship, and his personal history, Ito presents new works that highlight his engagement with the Moon through assembling images, objects, text, textures, and gesture. Ito raises awareness of the Moon’s encompassing presence throughout human history, and acknowledge the void that exists between the general populous and the sky above us.  Ito aims to present works that encourages viewers to address their individual connection with the Moon and redefine it’s significance in today’s social and cultural climate.”

Christian Flynn’s Abstractions Derived From Mundane Settings

Christian Flynn has a knack for reducing a scene of mundane objects into basic shapes in order to reveal the optical art qualities inherent in them. Blinds, Gates, and Windows become powerful patterns in otherwise commonplace settings. His choice of color allows the paintings to operate as stylized landscapes and still lifes as well as early computer graphic renderings. His interest in technology is reinforced by a painting of a computer screen running Photoshop and another piece depicting a tablet on top of a cutting mat.  (via)

Michael Massaia’s Stark Photographs Of Discarded Vegas Call Girl Cards

Michael Massaia is a documentary style photographer who specializes in black and white film. His “Lost: Las Vegas Call Girl Cards” series touches on the over-saturation of advertising, commodification, waste, and salaciousness within our culture. In his own words: “The photos were taken with my modified 8×10 camera with two 100 watt flood lights mounted to it.  All of the images were captured on black and white film developed in Pyro. I then handmake split toned silver gelatin prints for each one. The images were all captured at night on the ground/street or on the grass, where they eventually get thrown after they are handed out along the strip in Las Vegas.”

Hisham Bharoocha’s Stimulating Paintings

Hisham Bharoocha lives and works in New York City. He is a founding member of Providence, RI bands Lightning Bolt and Black Dice. Currently he is focusing on his band Soft Circle as well as paintings, drawings, collages, and photographs taken during his extensive travels. His biography states that “Hisham’s newest works deal with the melting together of images that happens in the mind when one is meditating, dreaming, day dreaming, or going about their daily lives.  Bharoocha likes to observe how his visions and feelings all blend together to create a massive medley of images and vibrations that one can feel in the body.  Hisham tries to create works that show the absurdity and logic of how each mind works, what kind of relationships it creates between experiences and images that we absorb through our senses moment by moment.”

Hannah Waldron’s Lively Geometric Weavings

UK based artist Hannah Waldron began weaving in 2010. Since then she has produced a series of spirited abstractions that explore form and shape. Like maps to a quirky fantasy land a la Richard Scarry her work offers the glimpse of a joyous world populated by line and color. Her long compositions reach across the wall and sometimes barely touch the floor below. Other times her finished work is displayed within the loom as a way to bestow insight on the artform. (via)