Fredrik Akum’s Sun Drenched Paintings

We have blogged Swedish artist Fredrick Akum‘s work here in the past and featured him in Beautiful/Decay Book: 8 Strange Daze. He continues his series of psychedelic acrylic and vinyl on MDF paintings that look like they are being disintegrated by the sun. The work has an ethereal glow. Like a daydream they exist between reality and the imaginary. His pieces seem to encapsulate slowly dissipating memories.

Gregory Ito’s Celestial Installations

When Gregory Ito is not attending to Ever Gold Gallery (which he co-founded and co-owns) or The San Francisco Arts Quarterly (of which he is the co-founder and editor) he produces fantastic mixed media installations. I especially like how he often presents the viewer with a painting and the physical realization of the object depicted in the painting simultaneously. In his own words celestial imagery “…references the humanly spiritual connection to time and the eternal…” Ito’s work evokes a physical representation of time and attempts to initiate dialogue about our search for meaning on earth.

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Gideon Chase’s Humorous Medieval Paintings

Gideon Chase is a 25 year old artist who currently lives and works in San Francisco. His gouache paintings are consistently clever and always laced with humor. Chase frequently frames a situation of objects in the midst or aftermath of an event. These occurrences are fantastical, arbitrary, and unceasingly fascinating. His images of Medieval Armor clad figures seemingly out of time and performing mundane acts allow for a light hearted reflection on our past, present, and future.