Mario Ceroli’s Massive Wave Sculptures Made Out Of Wood And Glass

Mario Ceroli is an Italian sculptor and stage designer. In series entitled La Vague and Maestrale Ceroli visually harnesses the power of crashing waves rendered out of finely sculpted glass and wood shards. Frozen in time, the waves instill a sense of infinite anticipation for the viewer. The thought of a massive glass wave continuing its curve and crashing to the floor is equally exciting as the translucent structures themselves.(via)

Conor Backman’s The Other Real At Nudashank

New York based Conor Backman recently opened a solo exhibition entitled The Other Real at Nudashank in Baltimore. From the press release: “Backman’s work conflates and oscillates between sculpture and painting, authentic and simulation, material and image, ironic and actual. For this exhibition Backman will present pieces informed by visual illustrations of otherness, physicality, mimesis, and deception in classical mythology and allegory. Specifically, examples that have been sited or recontextualized in modern psychology and philosophy as metaphors for the unconscious, perception, desire, and understanding.” The show in on view through April 28th, 2013.

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Matt Leines’ Hyperbolic At Beginnings NYC

Matt Leines currently lives and works in Brooklyn. He recently opened a solo exhibition entitled Hyperbolic at Beginnings NYC. From the quirky press release: “First there was Da Vinci, then Picasso and now there is Matt Leines and this show is called Hyperbolic. Ever the patient and earnest image-maker, surrealist sign-painter and erstwhile myth-shaper, Leines relocated to New York after a spell in Philadelphia during the year in which the world was scheduled to end. Settling into a fresh rhythm, he began a series of paintings that drew on those familiar rituals, traced the good ol’ sigils, but manipulated colors and shapes from the present with an attitude more formal, bright and tight. The young man in the studio considering a renaissance–small “r”. Real, live inscrutable people and chattering patterns. A happy creature drifting through the kitchen cosmos. Native American name-givers and the zig-zag of eternity. Leines’ recent output is a reminder that creative, figurative work has always been foundational to modern art.” The show is on view through May 5th 2013.

Justin Blyth’s Exuberantly Sinister Designs

Motion Reel 2013 from Justin Blyth on Vimeo.

Born in Los Angeles, Justin Blythe now lives and works in Amsterdam. He continues to create strong visual work through a variety of outlets and has recently updated his website. His body of work strikes a balance between hyper-colored juxtapositions and darker informed themes. Equally proficient in original illustration and reappropriation, Justin’s visual vocabulary enlivens clothing design, motion graphics, editorials, the music industry, and more.

Jason Freeny’s Dissected Pop Culture Sculptures

Jason Freeny lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has an ongoing series of sculptures that eschew the clean and safe demeanor of mainstream toys. From Barbie to Lego Figures, Freeny’s creations are dissected so that individual anatomy can be seen. The kitsch cuteness of a My Little Pony figure is immediately eradicated once the viewer takes in the bizarre skeletal structure on the opposite side. Jason finds a way to expose inherent creepiness in otherwise harmless characters that populate the pop culture landscape.

Will Kurtz’s Paper Mache Gallery Dogs

Will Kurtz lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Kurtz is well known for his life size sculptures made out of newspaper. He recently opened a solo exhibition at Mike Weiss Gallery NY entitled Another Shit Show. From the press release: “Using the empty gallery as a site on which to stage operatic, all-encompassing mise-en-scene, Kurtz makes an ambitious, multi-part figure installation that throws the facade off human nature – albeit in canine terms. Constructed of unlikely materials such as newspaper, glue, wire and wood, more than 20 dogs of every breed, size and color, strain and cavort off the leash of a single human handler, each rendered more expressively than the next. Kurtz, a master of anatomy, achieves an utterly believable aesthetic by building up layer upon layer of yesterday’s news, held together by exposed grommets and endless amounts of masking tape.” The exhibition is on view through April 27th, 2013.

Saski And Wingårdhs Pavillion Installation Made From 700,000 Sheets Of Paper

Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi have teamed up to produce a massive installation for the 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair. The project consists of 700,000 illustrated sheets of A3 paper and 44,000 suspension points. The result is a vibrant mosaic of art and design. In Kutsaa Saksi’s own words: “I’m fascinated by architecture and antique ceiling paintings in temples all over the world, and the way they’ve attracted people to share their thoughts and ideas. I’ve wanted to create a similar aesthetics, mixed with orientalism, art, mathematics, science and psychedelia, by depicting communication as Darwinistic evolution. Constantly on the move and a work in progress, like bacteria and marine animals when they crawled out of the depths of the sea millions of years ago.”

Watch a time lapse  video of the installation being built after the jump! (via)

A Kassen at Gallery Nicolai Wallner

Gallery Nicolai Wallner in Copenhagen recently opened a new solo exhibition by Copenhagen based art collective A Kassen. The group describes their work as “…performative installation and sculpture. Actions, discretely part of the exhibition space, are characteristc of A Kassen’s works. The actions may even be so discrete, they don’t get noticed. But if they do get noticed, they contain strong elements of humor and surprise.” The group’s discretely humorous style can be found in pieces in which the four sides of the frame have been planed down and the resulting sawdust has been transferred onto paper with glue. Another example is Permanent Reflection, a piece that is described in the press release: “Permanent Reflection consists of four framed photos that are placed perpendicular to each other in two separate corners of the exhibition space. The images appear to be distorted by reflections due to the framing glass, but are in fact photographs capturing the reflection of the site”. The show is on view through May 18th 2013.