Andreas Fischer


Andreas Fischer’s “Ghost Town” is currently on view in our lovely city of Chicago. Ghost Town, which is on view at two separate venues, Hyde Park Art Center and The Gahlberg Gallery, shows us two distinct selections of Andreas’s portraiture and imagined landscapes. There is a nice anonymous quality to these  locations and figures, with titles like “Original Location” and “Sunday Best”. Plus, the work actually becomes more engaging after you read about it, which in my opinion, is often not the case.

Scott Reeder

Fruit at the Hospital

Fruit at the Hospital


I want to share the works of Scott Reeder with those of you who aren’t familiar already. He uses lots of great art convention and history references combined with slapstick humor via painting and sculpture. Like Naked Gun meets Painters Painting. Plus he is from Milwaukee, the wierdest place ever! Awesome!

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John Parot

Studio Shot 1

Check out these lovely works by up and coming artist, John Parot. This recent Chicago—-> LA transplant, has great use of color, pattern, composition and collage technique, plus he’s starting to delve into the realms of sculpture and animation! Looking good.

Ryan Wallace

1 Ryan Wallace Glean 1

Inspired by singularities, LHC and other high science, Ryan Wallace creates complex abstract images based on visual data. Nerdy? Yes. Completely beautiful? Also, Yes. Keep an eye out on this young New Yorker. Upcoming projects include a group show @ Cinders, a solo exhibitions @ Morgan Lehman, and a curatorial endeavor @ Raid Projects LA.

Joseph Hart

Hey everyone. Ryan Travis Christian here. Amir asked if would share my ongoing “artist of the day” facebook thing with you all. I was like “yeah, let’s do it”. OK….

This is the work of Joseph Hart. Not only is this handsome young New Yorker a master of medium and composition, but a force of nature and a gnarly dancer too. Check out his most recent exhibition, STAGECRAFT @ David Krut Projects. Up till’ January 30th.