Yoo Young Wun


Young Young Wun transforms newspapers, advertisements, handbills, and other media paper goods into these monstrously distorted caricatures. (Above, in case you can’t tell, is Lady Gaga) They remind me of pinatas in the way they take pop cultural stars, Spiderman, Homer, Elvis or other mass-produced icons and turn them to cheap tzotschkes, frightening and hilarious in their new forms.

Allison Shulnik for Grizzy Bear

Allison Shulnik recently created a wondrously hallucinogenic claymation short film set to Grizzly Bear’s song, “ready, able.” Her hauntingly hypercolor vision starring an eyeless, melting psychedelic-priest from mars are dazzling, surreal and beautiful.

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Min Kim @ ATM Gallery


Korean-born Min Kim will be exhibiting new works at ATM gallery this month. Her sparkling, innocent collage and pen and ink images remind me of lost children’s book illustrations. If you are in New York, her opening is on November 12th, from 6-8pm.

Les Deux Garcons


I can not help but find myself indescribably drawn to taxidermy in all shape and forms, especially unconventional artwork as with the case of Les Deux Garcons. They seem to have a surrealist, Gothic freak-show aesthetic all combined into one. There’s something horrific about manipulating the animals’ lifeless, frozen forms into eternal works of art against their will…it reminds of the scene in Chronicle of Narnia where you walk through the White Witch’s front yard, and poor Mr. Tumnus and all the other forest animals have been turned to stone sculptures in various states of fear and despair by her ghastly spell.

Emily Noelle Lambert



I love Emily Noelle Lambert’s palette- it’s like Wayne Thiebaud’s pastel pastilles and tiers of cupcake glazes applied with the loose, graceful grime and grit of German Expressionist paint handling. Sweet but not overly so. If you are in NYC, her show opens at Priska Juschka Fine Art tomorrow night, Nov. 5th.


SpYSpY is a Madrid based artist who playfully disturbs urban signs and signifiers, often confiscating them, transforming them, then installing them on the street. I love his really simple gestures, like putting orange construction cones on a sculpted bull’s horns–they just have the hilarious edge of an adolescent prankster (who went to art school and secretly adores Duchamp.)

Andrew Kuykendall


Andrew Kuykendall is an LA based commercial photographer- I like his  vintage washed out soft palette and use of polaroids in high fashion spreads. Oh and the pug, above. (Ziggy in a hundred years?)

Ray Villafane’s In-sane Pumpkin Membranes



Happy Halloween from us guys and ghouls at B/D! To celebrate the season here’s some crazy pumpkin sculptures by Ray Villafane. He seems to gravitate towards the obvious Halloween iconography of possessed grim reaper demon skulls, giant alien man-eating spiders, and George Bush. If you’re so inclined, you can even read a tutorial on how to carve your own squash into these hauntingly delightful mimetic designs on his website! And I thought I was talented for managing a triangle eye and jagged mouth on my pumpkin….