Cool comic book-y illustrations from Eamo with an all over the place, spontaneous sense of line.

Aaron Blecha for KUR

Welcome to the World of Kur! from Aaron Blecha on Vimeo.
As usual, I have found more evidence that Scandinavians live in a clean, brightly colored world of smart design and cute concepts. Animator Aaron Blecha recently created this commercial for KUR, a Danish organic food company. What I like is that the entire animation is styled around the Kur brand seed shape (the teardrop.) This airs on TV, you guys. Our budweiser booby girl commercials look pretty bleak in comparison to this hypercolored world of dancing ants, happy crabs and record loving birds.

Aaron Blecha has some other lovely animations & illustrations as well.

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Grand Array

Hannah Stouffer, aka Grand Array, creates some beautifully ethereal works with a nice
sense of line. A delicate and intricate sensibility hand-seeped around the edges with
fanciful hinted obsessions with the animal kingdom and the darker sides of things…

Interview: Jeremy Earheart

Acrylic sheeting, automotive paint 12 x 13 ft, dimensions variable

Acrylic sheeting, automotive paint 12 x 13 ft, dimensions variable



For his recent exhibit at Goff+Rosenthal, “The Thin Ice of Modern Life,” artist Jeremy Earheart created a stunning black light landscape of hyperspectra, fantasmagoric homages to Young America. Using hand-cut plastic, string and paint, light is a variable medium that simultaneously “activates” and transforms the works. With a visual language ranging from eagle wings, canons, even Masonic symbols—Earheart the neon signs and symbols of America’s past and present.


Allen Brewer

Beautiful drawings from the skillful hand of Minneapolis based illustrator Allen Brewer.

Those are some nice glands.

Nicko Straniero

These awesome’s just opened at Whitecross Galleries new salon exhibition in London. Phototoxins: Straniero’s ongoing series of manipulated photograpic images (fried in oil, dipped in hot lava). Stay tuned. The next series is film AND digital manipulation. Please fry your computer in hot oil. ;D


Matt Furie

What can I say, the recurring imagery of the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story is enough to make me die for Matt Furie’s work. There’s also a series of scary characters that are holding/comforting frail and unthreatening rabbits & children, I don’t know. Amazing.

John Mooney

Good luck finding this guy on the web. Heres a hint: he’s NOT John Mooney the blues guitarist. Aren’t these oil paintings great though? His shows covered Scotland, Helsinki, London and Poland, Contemporary Art Society, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Scottish Arts Council and Dundee Art Gallery.