Allyson Mitchell’s Humanimals


Brandon Hirzel/Bemo


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Interview: Deep Slumber Lake

Deep Slumber Lake is an artist duo consisting of Todd White and Zachary Scheinbaum. Their imaginative wanderings into the ancient and epic themes of swordcraft, battle axes, and wizardry are grand in scale. These guys spent a lot of time in each other’s basements with 10 sided dice and Priest blasting on the record player. Overlaying this teenage-metal-shredder imagery is a beautiful sense of line work and composition. 

Beautiful/Decay Spring ’09 & Summer at Agenda


Beautiful/Decay will debut our Spring ‘09/Summer ‘09 seasons at Agenda in San Diego this week, Jan. 22-24—booth #J3.

Spring and Summer 09 will feature iconic graphics from Beautiful/Decay Magazine Issue Y featured cover artist, Jesse Auersalo, and the hyper-colored psychedelic visions of previously featured artist Oliver Hibert. Designer James Callahan returns to the fold with some new, head-exploding graphics, alongside many other eye popping Beautiful/Decay artists.

For a sneak peak, check out the Agenda Tradeshow magazine, Antenna –they featured our wares in their product guide!

Moving Children’s Sketch Book

The animation on this video by Angus and Julia stone is cute–it reminds me of a handmade children’s sketch book. The visual imagery is replete with teddy bears, tear drops and elves.

Beautiful/Decay Apparel Contest Winners!


Deni Dessastras Winning Design

Deni Dessastra's Winning Design

Our month long call for creatives to submit a t-shirt design to Beautiful/Decay Apparel has come to an end. While there were some great talents that submitted, we’re happy to announce that Deni Dessastra’s design, pictured above, caught our eye–no pun intended! Deni will be receiving a cash prize of $200 as well as have their winning design printed as an online exclusive Beautiful/Decay Apparel t-shirt. Second and third prize winners after the jump!

Design for Mankind – New Mag

We here at B/D are always fans of independent publishing. Anyways, Erin from Design for Mankind has created a lovely creative inspired zine with a best of list for 2009 and a ton of artists. 

Visit her site to pick up a copy for yourself!

Design for Mankind

Interview: Nick Cave


Mixed Media

Mixed Media



Nick Cave combines free-spirited motion exploratory modern dance with ostentatious sculptural detail to breath new life into contemporary art. In many ways, Nick’s work function within the vein of African art/costuming in the sense that they are intended to be “danced,” and enlivened within the context of performance and dance to illustrate and reflect upon societal mores and the cultural landscape. With references to haute couture, sculpture, performance, African American culture, costume, masquerade and beyond, Nick’s “Sound Suits” defy categorization. Beautiful/Decay recently had the opportunity to interview Nick Cave to discuss his background, inspiration and ideology behind the suits. Nick Cave is currently showing his latest works at Jack Shainman Gallery, until Feb 7, 2009.