Mike Bertino

617_1228872191I like it because it looks different from his usual stuff. Maybe it’s just the subject matter and the color palette but I dig. Plus, I haven’t posted illustrators in a while.

jCAUTY & SON’s Cartoon Art Gift Shop

614_1228867404Put this on your Christmas list pronto.

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One Million Ways Mexico Is A Better Artist Than All Of Us

612_1228844014Jared Lindsay Clark makes an interesting observation on how everyday images from Mexico make for better works of art than most pieces one comes across in galleries.

New Anthology Essay: Laylah Ali

611_1228847429Laylah Ali’s meticulous, exactingly executed drawings take months to complete. Her works investigate a variety of psychological and socio-cultural dramas, including race, conflict and violence. Interestingly, Ali seems to almost be drawn to the formalist implications of race and “color,” in a decidedly art historical sense of the word. Ali notes, “I’m fascinated, how a different facial color directs you. Green absorbs you into it. Pink or red comes out at you. Light pink doesn’t recede into the page but has a flatness. Bright pink jumps out. Those phenomena affect your reading of the figure- nothing related to anything but what a color does, how it affects your eyeball.”


610_1228835269UNIQUE LOS ANGELES is an exciting two-day shopping event that showcases the best independent design talent at great prices.



Damien Jurado, “Caskets” from Matt Daniels on Vimeo.Damien Jurado, “Caskets” from Matt Daniels on Vimeo.Damien Jurado, “Caskets” from Thinklab on Vimeo.

Thinklab’s video “Caskets” for musician Damien Jurado is hauntingly beautiful and embodies all that is possible with the joining of hi-def technology and a great sense for poetics and nostalgia. Great work.

The Daughters Of Job

608a_1228689902608b_1228689902-copySome amazing photographs by Alison Malone.
A description of the project in Alison’s own words:

Isak Applin

607b_1228688636607a_1228688636-copyMysterious scenes from Isak Applin.