Rosson Crow

596a_1228182474596b_1228182474Using a similarly garish color palette to Toulouse-Lautrec, Rosson Crow creates vibrantly haunting paintings of living spaces.

Tony Feher: Container Art

595_1228183235In applying vibrant colors to discarded containers, Tony Feher’s objects become transformed into beautiful and arresting pieces of sculpture. Evoking lanterns or hummingbird feeders, these majestic works have a meditative mood, and, although constructed from manmade materials, present a relationship with nature. A personal favorite is the tower of green fruit baskets. Appearing fragile and ephemeral in its airiness, the piece hints at architecture and minimalism. With a strong interest in transparency and suspension as an aesthetic tool, Feher provides a

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Richard Kelly

591a_1228065175-copy591b_1228065175Some nice photographs can be found on the Richard Kelly site. I personally like the above portraits best but a wide array of fashion and music photography can be found in his portfolio

Skeletal Structures

Diana Al-Hadid’s work remind me of skeletons that are piled on top of one another to form large cathedral like buildings. See more images at the Perry Rubenstien Gallery website.

Aleksandra Mir’s Plane Landing

Aleksandra Mir’s Plane Landing is a sculpture of an airplane in a permanent state of landing. On October 20,21,22 and 23 it appeared at various locations in central Paris.

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587_1227849180BLACK FRIDAY

New work by Brian Willmont

Brian Willmont has some lovely new futuristic medieval paintings that detail fantastical conquests of ancient and not so ancient allegorical lands.

Mix Media

Rosemarie Fiore employs a wide array of techniques to create her paintings from large sprayed paintings using generators to fireworks and even a waffle Iron to create her abstractions.