How can I sell Beautiful/Decay  in my retail store?
You can purchase wholesale copies of B/D, along with back issues, by emailing us on our contact page .

How do I change my subscription address?
You can change your subscription by emailing your full name, your old address and your current address (where you would like your subscription to be sent) on our contact page.

How can I submit work to Beautiful/Decay?
You can submit your work on our submission page.

Who do I contact to have Beautiful/Decay sponsor my show or event?
Please send us a detailed proposal of your event including the date, venue, list of other sponsors, what you imagine B/D’s role to be for the event, and a general overview of the proposed event. You can  reach us via our contact page.

To whom should check payments be written to?

Please make all payments out to: FERAL CHILDREN PRODUCTIONS


Who designed the Beautiful/Decay website?
Beautiful/Decay’s very own creative agency designed and coded our website. You can visit them at Somethingintheuniverse.com

What is Beautiful/Decay’s mailing address?
Beautiful/Decay World Headquarters

P.O. Box 41985
Los Angeles, CA 90041