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Jason Hackenwerth

Jason Hackenwerth


Jason Hackenwerth has taken the long tradition of balloon animal making, and has come up with what my 12 year old self might have imagined the Yeerks from Animorphs might have looked like, only in gigantic, horrific, beautiful form.


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JUCO’s Fashion Photography

JUCO  (JUlia Galdo & COdy Cloud) is a photography duo out of Eagle Rock, CA making some stunning photographs. Drawing inspiration from African big timers Seidou Keita and Malick Sibidé, they’re the best blend of fine art and fashion photography since Steven Meisel. Enjoy!( via )

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Colorblind Cyborg Artist Neil Harbisson “Hears Color” Through Antenna Implanted In His Skull



Though born without the ability to perceive color, artist and activist Neil Harbisson’s work, career, and life are anything but monochromatic. Recognized as the world’s first cyborg, Harbisson boasts an unusual aesthetic aid: an antenna implanted into his skull that enables him to “hear” colors.

“I am not using technology, or wearing technology.

I am technology.”

Extending from the back of his head forward, the appendage is comprised of a rod, a chip, and light sensor. Located at the tip of the antenna, the sensor picks up the frequencies of colors before him, and then sends them to the chip in the back of his head. The chip then transposes the frequencies into vibrations, which translate into sounds in his ears.

Through this process, Harbisson is able to create works of art—namely, his Sound Portraits. To create a portrait, Harbisson simply stands before an individual and aims his antenna toward his or her facial features. Each color found on the face creates a specific note, which he writes down on manuscript paper. Thus, the end result–unique microtone chords–become individual “portraits.”

With portraits of prominent figures ranging from Prince Charles to Woody Allen, it is clear that, through his unique practice, Harbisson has his art down to a science. (Via BBC News)

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Detroit Rot City!

When I think of Detroit I think of decaying buildings and poverty but this insightful documentary by Palladium Boots (Hosted by Johnny Knoxville) has given me new hope and enthusiasm about Detroit. Follow Knoxville on this 4 part documentary through the city and meet the people who are working to bring creativity and excitement to this once great city. Watch part 2-4 after the jump.

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Graffiti Ain’t Half As Bad When It’s In A Hotel




Welcome to the hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseille, France where graffiti artist Tilt has literally painted graffiti on half of the room. Covering every square inch of exactly half of the room with a mix of tags, throw ups, and more drips than your last DIY paint project,  I cant help but think that Tilt’s room is a metaphor for the double lives that most graffiti artists lead. By day they are a minimalist going to work and paying your taxes and by night you are busy climbing billboards and vandalizing everything in sight.  (images big addict, via my modern met)

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The Soulful, Smoky Voice Of Singer-Songwriter Trixie Whitley

Trixie Whitley performing at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana, CA on May 28, 2013.

Trixie Whitley who’s husky, but soft spoken voice turns into quite a powerful instrument when she starts to sing played to an intimate audience the other night at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana, CA. Playing songs from her debut LP Fourth Corner (released independently earlier this year on Strong Blood Records), Trixie showed us why musicians like Daniel Lanois, Marianne Faithfull, and Robert Plant have collaborated with her. Backed by a keyboardist and drummer, she played both electric and acoustic guitar and even sat at the Wurlitzer for a few songs ending the show with a stirring version of her single, “Breath You In My Dreams”. She came back onstage to play one of the first songs she ever wrote, “Strong Blood” which I’ve heard her in the past dedicate to her father, the late blues singer/guitarist, Chris Whitley.

Trixie’s currently on a West Coast tour which will find her at the Troubadour in West Hollywood tomorrow night, Friday May 31st and at San Francisco’s The Chapel on Saturday, June 1st. She’ll also be performing at this year’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN on June 14th. Check out her new video for, “Breathe You In My Dreams” that premiered the other day on and definitely try to catch her perform live to hear her incredible voice.



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Roger Broders-1bathroom_designer_meredith_2

georges barbier-3

DXV by American Standard is a landmark product line that represents the company’s storied history spanning 150 years. The collection spans four broad movements: Classic (1880 – 1920), Golden Era (1920 – 1950), Modern (1950 – 1990), and Contemporary (1990 – today).  Each piece in the carefully curated collection harkens back to the era it was inspired by and combines it with modern sensibilities, technology and performance. Although each fixture is inspired by a distinct era, the entire collection has a dialogue and the ability to cross over and create a remix of eras in one space.

The Fitzgerald Collection by DXV perfectly encapsulates the beauty and lines of the 1920’s Jazz Age. The faucets, sinks and fixtures echo the rectilinear, geometric forms and shapes that ruled the Art Deco aesthetic. Artists, designers and aesthetes have always had a love affair with the opulent finishes, bold lines and flair of the Art Deco era, and the Fitzgerald Collection gives the modern home owner the finishes to create a sumptuous and inspired space.

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Split Screen Portraits Of Drug Addiction Show Subjects Before And After


The photographer Roman Sakovich has gotten some heat for his project Half, a series of images detailing the effects of drug abuse, particularly with respect to methamphetamine addiction; his subjects stand, face forward, their lefthand side polished, even proud, while on the right, their bodies are ravaged by scars and scabs characteristic of addiction. The jarring split-personas are achieved not through photoshop but with expert make-up and styling.

The artist has been criticized for his simplified portrayal of drug dependency; by his own admission, the images, in their shocking nature, exclude a more nuanced exploration and rely in part stereotypes. Problematic for some is the fact that the non-addict self is styled professionally in suits and crisp button-downs, while the addict wears more urban attire, the implication being that class and drug use are profoundly connected.

Regardless of the controversy (and perhaps even because of it), the shocking series inspires much-needed and critical discussion on drug addiction, an illness that plagues tens of millions nationwide. Avoiding blaming and scapegoating individuals, the artist provides an intimate approximation of selfhood torn by addiction, one that inspires empathy, not disgust or prejudice.

Sakovich’s subjects, their identities split in two, are as you and I, lead by hopes, fears, and complex yearnings. A doctor, stethoscope slung over her shoulder, hair in a tight chignon, directs a placid glance comfortingly at the viewer; only after allowing our eyes to drift across the print do we see this figure of heath and safety cruelly overtaken by substance abuse, her eye downcast and purpled, a dried lip furrowed and lined. We read these bodies from left to right like strange texts, imagining personal and intimate narratives in order to reconcile the two faces before us. Ultimately, we are left with the powerful warning, “This could happen to you.” What do you think? (via My Modern Met and Feature Shoot)

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