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Save the Polaroid with “Instant Gratification”


Ahh, the polaroid- the quick flash, shake, peel and voila of the beloved instantaneous image-maker is the timeless trope of countless cheesy grins. In our simulacra-riddled copy of a meta-copy digital age, there is something sincere in an entirely unique and irreplacable analog copy of a photo. Sure, I have thousands of digital files amassed on my computer. But the photos that I cherish are mostly those small, square little guys called polaroids, or to use their proper name, Instant Land Photography. With polaroid’s impending death nearing, thankfully someone has taken a stand. ISM Community will be opening an entirely polaroid exhibition entitled “Instant Gratification” at Copro Gallery this Saturday, from 7 to 11pm. With hundreds of ceiling to floor polaroids, the exhibition creates awareness about this waning art form. Flyer and more polaroids after the jump!

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Add Art To Your Bookshelves! Our 50% Off Sale Ends This Week


To make sure you start the new year full of inspiration and creativity we are extending our holiday 50% off sale until January 10th! Now you can get 50% off all books, magazines, and artist shirts and get inspired by the thousands of artists and designers that we feature in our pages. Just use discount code “happyholidays50” during checkout and save big!

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All Hallows Eve Extreme Pumpkins!

In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, we thought it would be cool to share some of our favorite Halloween memorabilia for all of you B/D ghouls and ghosts. This includes vintage horror movie posters and pumpkin carvings; many of which were created by sculptor extraordinaire Ray Villafane. Enjoy! We did!

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Shohei Otomo


At quick glance, these manga illustrations by Japanese artist, Shohei Otomo appear to be traditional – black, white, red.  Not quite though: tough Geisha playing table tennis, far from.  Such a violent spin with these renderings, you really sense the impending impacts.  Fun.

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This Is What Sand Looks Like Under A Microscope

o-sand-570Sand from Skeleton Beach in Namibia, Africa.Magnification 250xo-sand-570-1o-okinawa-570

With the help of a powerful 3D microscope, the Hawaii-based photographer Gary Greenberg shoots stunning macro images of grains of sand, dissecting the seemingly uniform material into otherworldly crystals. The microscope, which the artist himself invented after earning a Ph.D. in biomedical research, magnifies the microscopic to 300 times their original size; the machine also affords the resultant images an astounding depth of field, capturing the most subtle curves and structures of the minuscule grains of sand.

Greenberg derives pleasure from the unpredictability of his process; each beach has a diverse history and therefore produces unique sand. In Maui alone, the grain shapes range from cylinders to spirals; they can be vividly colored or more muted. In the same handful of sand, we might find a tiny shell beside a microscopic mineral section that resembles an eaten corn cob.

Sand, as a substance, often operates allegorically in art, representing the impermanence of man within the shifting tides. Greenberg’s images work powerfully against that notion; here, human innovation freezes time, if only for a moment, fixing even the most minuscule objects in place. These grains of sand, many of which are likely well over thousands of years old, are crystallized for our visual pleasure; in Greenberg’s glimmering rocks, we can find traces of organic matter, now fossilized. Torn into many pieces by the tide and surf, shells, volcanic remains, and coral all intermingle on the beach shore. In Okinawa, Japan, sand is formed in part by the skeletons of single-celled creatures, visible here like strange starfish. (via HuffPost, Lost at E Minor, and Bored Panda)

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Ion Ander Beloki

ion ander beloki

London-based, Spanish-born designer Ion Ander Beloki makes beautiful, challenging work out of that most unabashedly commercial (and often mundane) assemblage that is the store window display. Trained in graphic design and sculpture, Ion Ander Beloki runs his own professional window dressing studio, Ja! Studio. Perhaps I’m a little naive but I had no idea this was a job a person can have. It makes sense though – his displays convey an elegance and artfulness that certainly reflects well on the stores they’re in.

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Rivane Neuenschwander Turns Beautiful Ideas Into Installations

Rivane Neuenschwander - installation Rivane Neuenschwander - installation Rivane Neuenschwander - installation

Rivane Neuenschwander is a Brazillian artist who works in film, photography, sculpture, collaboration, participatory events and installation.  Her work employs beautiful ideas, unpretentious materials and an inspiring vision.  For I Wish Your Wish, an installation at the New Museum, Neuenschwander drew from a tradition at the São Salvador church Nosso Senhor do Bonfirm.  She invited visitors to take a ribbon from the installation, tie it around their wrist, and leave it until it falls off.  Once that happens their wish will come true.  Or First Love, a work where a police sketch artist sits with visitors as they describe their “first loves.”  The portraits were then hung in the gallery for the exhibition.  Rain Rains, is a collection of leaking buckets controlled from flooding by a Sisyphean recirculation tended to by museum staff.  One Thousand and One Nights is a collection of galaxy scenes that depict narrative layers of which the viewer becomes a participant.  The hole-punched circles along with the frames, articulate the duration of the exhibition in calendar form.  A viewer is encouraged to contemplate the idea of one thousand and one nights.

Allowing the participation of visitors, Neuenschwander blurs the boundaries that traditionally stand between artist and viewer.  She instigates an idea, permitting it to discriminate via the public.  Her work becomes a living, breathing mass collaboration combining nature, language and the ephemeral.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Justice- Civilization


Start the work day right with this video directed by Edouard Salier for Justice’s single Civilization. Watch the full video and see how buffalos bring about the end of civilization after the jump.

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