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Lucid Dreaming: Romy Maxime’s Romantic Photography Of Musicians Using Infrared Film

Romy Maxine - Infrared Photography Romy Maxine - Infrared Photography Romy Maxine - Infrared Photography Romy Maxine - Infrared Photography

Romy Maxime has been experimenting with an interesting medium of late – Infrared film (typically used in military surveillance). Her series Lucid Dreaming is a soft, romantic, hazy collection of portraits of musicians based in Berlin. She uses the unusual candy colored tones of the film to evoke a strange surrealism from her subjects and their surroundings. Her images look like dramatic fairy-tales, or stills from some sort of film noir. Maxime talks about those influences on her:

This ongoing personal project was born out of nostalgia, a love for classic art films and the style and colors of photographs from the 1960s. (Source)

Growing up between Zurich, Cape Town and Cannes (she now calls Berlin home), Maxime translates her gypsy tendencies and ease with nature and quietness onto film. Working mostly in fashion photography, and portraiture, Maxime loves to create fantastical images that are like an exaggerated reality. She talks about her favorite parts of fashion photography:

It’s totally unrealistic! It’s the fantasy genre of photography – mostly an illusion with every excuse to include beautiful things. I do try to create some sort of story when I shoot fashion otherwise the clothes remain just beautifully cut textiles on a model. (Source)

She also talks about the effect yoga has had on her and her work – the calmness, serenity, and quiet that is all practiced in yoga gives her the focus she needs to capture the right mood in her shots. Read a full interview with her here on the International Foundation for Women Artists Blog. And be sure to see more of her many beautiful images on her Tumblr page and her Facebook page.

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This Is Surreal


British designer Benbo George’s work is what work in surrealist movement would look like if they had designers. I couldn’t find much about him on his site but the great sampling of images are enough to earn a trip to his portfolio site.


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Jeremy Bot

Jeremy Bot’s photography portfolio features captivating photographs of his head disappearing, reappearing, and him floating on water.

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Rob Bondgren


Rob Bondgren is an artist coming out of Chicago. His artwork takes a bit of reality and pushes it into a hallucinogenic state.

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Lynn Lane Captures Dancing Spirits In Mid Motion In His Haunting Photographs

Lane - photography Lane - photography Lane - photography Lane - photography

Photographer Lynn Lane captures dancing spirits in a series of haunting photographs. These site-specific images were created to evoke the history of the Wynne Home Arts Center, a 19th century mansion located in Huntsville, Texas, 70 miles north of Houston. Wynne is now a performance and gallery space and its history serves as a counterpoint to the contemporary works it exhibits.

Imagining what life must have been like in a small town over 100 years ago, Lane collaborated with dancers in capturing photographs that invoke the memory of the past inhabitants of Wynne House while also utilising the unique characteristics of the house as a backdrop. Stairways and attics provide opportunities for the dancers to tell stories while floating in mid-air.

These photographs, developed specifically for site specific project  were created in collaboration with NobleMotion Dance choreographers Andy and Dionne Noble, lighting designer David J. Deveau, and dancers: Alexis Anderson, Mark Chaves, Jennifer Mabus, Brittany Thetford-Deveau, Tristin Ferguson and Travis Prokop. Lynn and Dionne co-choreographed a dance in response to the work that was performed in the gallery space as well.

Based in Houston, Lane works primarily in the arts shooting performance as well as documentary and fashion work for designers. He is the official photographer of the Houston Grand Opera and has worked with opera companies across the US and dance companies around the globe. His work is regularly featured in magazines and newspapers internationally including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Opera News, Dance Magazine and many more.

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Waste Land

I’m dying to see Waste Land, a new documentary featuring photographer Vik Muniz. Shot over three years, Muniz goes to his native brazil to visit the worlds largest garbage dump to collaborate with the local trash pickers on a massive photo project. A few friends have seen this at film festivals and strongly recommended it. Who knows, maybe i’ll get lucky and get a press copy in the mail (hint, hint, hint). Keep tabs on the movies website for release dates. Looks like a good one.

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jamie trueblood’s Photographs His Fellow Americans

The best thing about the photographs of Jamie Trueblood is that although they appear to be staged they are in fact  documentary style photos of the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and most often weird events that take place each and every day across America. Trueblood has a natural ability to pinpoint moments of awkward beauty in the everyday and find secret narratives in the mundane occurrences that we all come across as we live our lives.

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Renaud Marion’s Floating Cars Of The Future

Hover boards are still not a reality and cars don’t fly in space. We all know this. However reality didn’t stop Michael J. Fox from skating in the sky and it sure as hell didn’t stop French photographer Renaud Marion from creating this extremely well executed series of classic cars that have been turned into sleek floating vehicles of the future. Marion kept all the best elements of the classic rides sans the wheels to create cars that even the Jetsons would be proud to ride in. (via)

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