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Photography Spotlight: Paul Paper

paul paper photography

Paul Paper lives in Vilnius, Lithuania where he daydreams, sleeps, walks and sometimes takes pictures. He shoots spontaneously, capturing what he calls “the tiny tiny miracle in boring every day.”

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Sex, Murder, And Satan!

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

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Corey Thompson’s Arrows & Pointers

Corey Thompson
Arrows & Pointers is a vector pack full of arrows and things (download it here) that point made by designer and doodler Corey Thompson. Use ’em for whatever you want. Be dope, show Corey what you make! Check out some more of Arrows & Pointers as well as other cool stuff after the jump.

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Kevin Van Aelst’s Small Interventions

Kevin Van Aelst’s small interventions of everyday objects pack a big punch. I love how he takes the must mundane materials and makes you look at them in a totally new way. From now on when I see painters tape I’m going to think of the ocean!

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Lina Scheynius’ Photography Observes Moments Of Quiet Intimacy And Sensuality

Lina Scheynius - PhotographyLina Scheynius - PhotographyLina Scheynius - PhotographyLina Scheynius - Photography

Lina Scheynius is a Swedish model-turned-photographer who skillfully captures both the rawness and tenderness of intimate moments. Inspired by “the forest, books, sleep, music, trains, light, [and] maps,” her images are portraits of ephemeral beauty, peace, and quiet desire, distilling life into the haze of a nude, mid-afternoon dream (Source). Recalling moments of post-coital bliss, the models (often, Lina herself — see her Diary images) sit and lay on unmade beds as sunlight kisses their warmed flesh. The power of touch is explored, as hands grasp together or press into the sole of a foot. Elsewhere, in a flash of intensity that eclipses the whole world, eyes meet in a dark room. Lina’s photography even finds powerful sensuality in unexpected places, such as flesh-toned blossoms or breathless horizons of undulating clouds.

While some of Lina’s photographs recall stronger erotic images — the hand curled into a circle, or lifted undergarments — it is candid, but never crude; emotional and arousing, but never sensationalized. The use of natural light makes the images even more genuine, washing out the skin and warming it at the same time, illuminating soft hairs and creases. Her entire approach is organic. As she writes on her FAQ page:

“I take the day as it comes. I work with natural light so if there is a cloud over the sun then that will effect the mood of the day / picture. And I work with a small automatic camera that allows me to move around a lot. And I never give more directions than I have to, avoiding [the need] to force things.” (Source)

Visit Lina’s website to see more of her images. She is represented by the Christophe Guye Galerie in Zurich. Her work is currently being exhibited at the Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art in Luxembourg, as part of Memory Lab II – Photography Challenges History – Passé du present. Lina has also been featured in several fascinating articles on Dazed & Confused, which you can read here. (Via Art Fucks Me)

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Ulric Collette Splices Together Family Members To Compare Physical Similarities

Ulric Collette photography6

Son / Father: Nathan, 7 & Ulric, 29

Ulric Collette photography3

Cousins: Justine, 29 & Ulric, 29

Ulric Collette photography2

Brothers: Christophe, 30 & Ulric, 29

The series Genetic Portraits almost works as a casual study.  Quebec based photographer Ulric Collette seamlessly blends the faces of two relatives to create one portrait that is hard to look away from.  The resulting photographs highlight the differences an emphasize the similarities between siblings, children, parents, and cousins.  It is nearly as if the images are a visualization of the genetic traits traveling between generations.  Genetic Portraits is also an absorbing record of time’s effect on physical appearance.  Eye  s, for example, appear to be near exact copies between father and son, separated only by the wear of thirty years.

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Little Worries

Little Worries creates delicate and exquisite drawings with a surreal bend where broken figures morph into abstract balls of detail as well as each other.

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Jason Asato


Artist/illustrator Jason Asato of Honolulu, took a break from digital media to sketch up these grim pencil drawings.  Their vacant and focused, eerie stairs feel calm and sincere – they’re sad but hey, it’s alright…they’re okay with that.

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