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Carsten Höller’s Interactive Installations

hollerinstallation10 hollerinstallation11 hollerinstallation9

Carsten Höller’s work intends “to trigger the organic responses that underpin the structure of learned behavior, to unbalance the rational mind…Using his training as a scientist in his work as an artist, Höller’s primary concerns relate to the nature of human perception and self-exploration. He has undertaken many projects that invite viewer participation and interaction while questioning human behavior, perception, and logic. His “laboratory of doubt,” embodied in objects ranging from carousels and slippery slides to upside-down goggles, often contains playful, hallucinatory or darkly humorous overtones in order to provoke experience and reflection.” – from Gagosian Gallery. Read more about Höller’s work and his 2011 exhibition at the New Museum here.

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Photographs That Borrow From History To Critique Sexual Politics

Genevieve Blais - PhotographyGenevieve Blais - PhotographyGenevieve Blais - Photography

Genevieve Blais, a photographer based in Toronto, borrows imagery from classic art history paintings to unpack sexual politics relative to today’s contemporary palate.

Of her intention, Blais states, “The aesthetic/topical dissonance aims to elicit an uneasy response in order to subvert the implicit authority and sanctity of the icon.”

The result confronts and critiques art culture by sitting in an uneasy space between not only imagery, but also mediums– cameras and brushes, forcing us to clearly see the model as the true determinant– a staged powerful variant that has been with us since Caravaggio’s rule, humanizing the myth.

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Graham Little

Graham Little’s delicately rendered color pencil drawings bring together a mix of the baroque, surrealism, and high fashion.

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Artist Myriam Dion Snips Into Newspapers To Capture Flickering Portals Of Light

myriam dion designmyriam dion designmyriam dion designmyriam dion design

With the precision of an expert glass cutter Myriam Dion snips into the front pages of newspapers to produce an alternative look into current events. Her sharp tools create striking portals of light flickering through pieces of paper which have been crafted to produce a stained glass window or lacey embroidered effect. The dizzying number of cuts are similar to the marks a painter uses to create canvas.The negative space created from Dion’s labor enhances the grainy newsprint which turns more impressive when the paper’s color photographs are used. These resemble light and airy woodblock prints giving it an arts and crafts sensibility.

Dion has made several installations including a project which covered the windows of a government building in Montreal. It referenced the slatted arches seen in gothic style architecture commonly used in old churches each page filling the space with expertly cut and designed sheets. In another a waterfall effect of color newsprint photographs set in a line razored to resemble punctured curtains become a more conceptually minded piece when the paper’s residue is left behind.

Dion is a Canadian artist currently attending the University of Quebec. She first began creating this unusual work in an  attempt to reinterpret the state of print journalism. (via honestlywtf)

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Jacques de Beaufort’s Alternative World

Jacques de Beaufort’s surreal wizardry takes you across the universe and into alternative worlds.

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Next Day Flyers Presents: geoffrey chadsey

The line work in Geoffrey Chadsey’s beautifully rendered watercolor pencil drawings look like topographical map lines that explore every bump, fold, and bend in the figure.


Brought to you by the custom postcard printing specialist, Next Day Flyers.

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Art Opening: Moby’s Destroyed


Paul Kopeikin Gallery will be having an opening featuring electronic music star Moby’s photography this Saturday in Los Angeles.

The Kopeikin Gallery announces Moby: Destroyed photography exhibit opening Saturday, September 10, 2011. Destroyed features photography taken by Moby all over the world. The gallery will host a reception and book signing with the artist will on September 10th from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Read more about the show after the jump.

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Build Your New Portfolio Site Before You Finish Your Morning Coffee!


Here at Beautiful/Decay we know a thing or two about what makes an artist’s portfolio successful; each day we receive dozens of artist portfolio submissions from all over the world showcasing art, design, photography, and more. When it comes to artist portfolio sites, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly- we wanted to share our favorite artist-friendly website builder with our readers, it’s called Made With Color.

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