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Timothy Archibald Photographs His Autistic Son As Therapy

autistic Photography Photography

autistic son

Echoliia, a collection of photographs taken by Timothy Archibald, is a heart-warming study of the photographer’s 5-year-old autistic son, Eli. In hopes to get his frustrations out through creativity, Archibald photographed his son’s odd but endearing behaviors in order to understand him better and create a stronger, trustworthy relationship between the two of them.

The collection reveals the child’s unique perspectives and interaction with the world around him. With a trashcan on his head and a cardboard tube ’arm’, Eli conquers his world. His dad couldn’t be prouder to capture the uniqueness he exudes.

“I never wanted [Eli] to think that he was normal. I wanted him to be aware of how different he was and see that as an asset.”

Through this series, not only do you acknowledge Eli’s quirks, but also witness Archibald’s accepting and loving gaze.The father and child collaboration is available in book form on the artist’s website. (via My Modern Met)

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Hiroshige Kagawa’s Series Of Memorial Tribute Paintings To Distasters Caused By Man And Nature

hiroshige paintinghiroshige paintinghiroshige paintinghiroshige painting

The costliest natural disaster ($285 billion) ever recorded by the world bank, an earthquake called Tokohu and Tsunami in the northeastern prefecture of Japan, is the inspiration behind the behemouth watercolor paintings of Hiroshige Kagawa. Spanning 54 feet across and 17 feet high, the artist began devoting his time and energy four years ago to making these works and remembering that fateful day March 11th, 2011. Prior, Kagawa had spent his time creating large scale canvases of solar systems and enchanted forests. After the disaster he had a clearer vision of where he wanted to go and for the last several years worked on three large scale Tokohu memorial paintings featuring affected areas.
“Fukushima” depicts the now abandoned structure of the Tedco nuclear reactor. Done in an eerily twisted metal hue it peers inside the demolished building. What we don’t see is the meltdown of nuclear waste leaking into the ocean. A solution which has yet to be solved. Next in Kagawa’s series is the skeletal remains of a building in Minamisanriku Miyagi Prefecture a town that got wiped out. The building currently only a metal shell appears to be in an abandoned wheat field where people once lived and worked. Illuminated by an orange hue it eventually turns into something else which might appear on a hot imaginary planet near the sun.
A snowy scene of ruins accounts for the third piece. The part of Japan hit by the disaster is known for long brutal winters and Kagawa’s painting metaphorically references nuclear or atomic winter. The term is usually associated with nuclear warfare, where the fall out from bombs turns into a radioactive soot affecting the stratosphere and sun’s ability to promote the healthy growth of plants. When the earthquake struck the whole island moved 8 feet and the earth itself was moved off its axis by a few centimeters. There is still debris from the Tsunami floating onto US waters today four years later. (via Spoon & Tamago)
hiroshige paintinghiroshige paintinghiroshige painting

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Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising

Last night I finally went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Screenings, a true experiential landmark of living in Los Angeles, and saw a collection of Kenneth Anger (satanic moving-picture majesty) films that he worked on from 1954-1979. The most memorable one was Lucifer Rising (1973) not only for its hauntingly beautiful footage (scenes shot in Egypt with amazing amazing costumes, rituals, strange/awesome editing techniques…), but also for its backstory. The amazing psych-fuzz-rock soundtrack was composed in prison by musician and actor Bobby Beausoleil: Charles Manson Family associate and murderer currently serving life…how much more intense could it get?? Check out the video after the jump.

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Hyon Gyon

618_1228932973Hairy situations.

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Elena Helfrecht´s Striking Poetic Photographs Of Chilling Horror Scenes

Elena Helbrecht - photographElena Helbrecht - photographElena Helbrecht - photograph Elena Helbrecht - photograph

We have all been haunted by something worrying or had nightmares we just can´t forget. And so has German photographer Elena Helfrecht. She uses her camera as a therapeutic device to overcome her worries, fears and nightmares. After shooting many dark and dramatic photographs exploring the depths of human emotions, Helbrecht has quite the oeuvre of dramatic images. She works with many different narratives, creating a mini story in each frame. Last week we featured her past series Little Stories, this time are focusing on her collection called Nightmares. A bunch of disturbing snapshots, each photograph represents something that has been frightening to Helbrecht at some point.

Scenes of long creepy fingers reaching out of cupboards and from around doors, bodies smeared in blood or wrapped in plastic have such an impact, they will haunt you nearly as much as an actual nightmare. Helbrecht tells us a bit more about her inspiration:

“Nightmares developed from my very beginnings as a photographer and continues to grow. The series shows exactly what it describes: my very own nightmares. The series is a mix of early visions which I used to have as a child (a great fear were creatures coming from my closet and taking me with them for example) and abstract dark emotions and anxieties. By visualizing these thoughts, feelings and visions I get rid of them. Whenever I am inspired and have a picture in my mind I get my camera and pull it out of my head. By visualizing your inner demons you somehow remove their power. It gets less terryfing; you somehow disclose the darkness you previously feared.”

You would think from someone who spends a lot of time expressing horrific and challenging thoughts, that her work would have a heavy severity to it, but the end result is quite different – they are something of a melancholic, sentimental memory, albeit ones often filled with blood.

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And the Colt 45 + B/D “Art Works Every Time” Contest Winners Are…

1st place Winner: Colin Strandberg


After receiving hundreds of amazing submissions from across the globe, the winners of our recent Art Works Every Time design competition are finally in. Each and every artist really pulled out all the stops to create some of the best T-shirt design entries we’ve seen this year. You can see the extremely fierce competition on the Gallery page! We pored over all of the entries, pulling our hair out- we really hard a hard time deciding, so we awarded each design points based on a number of factors:

-Wearability, functionality of design as a T-shirt graphic

-Uniqueness or surprising integration of Colt 45’s catch phrase

-Clarity, creativity of logo depiction

-Palette: color combos that work together, and also fit the Colt 45 brand

As you can see, the ultimate suave player award of 1,000.45 big ones went to artist Colin Strandberg, above. We thought he did an excellent job integrating all the aforementioned factors, into a playful and iconic design. We loved how he rendered the Colt 45 tall boy as part of the catch phrase’s typography, and his interpretation of Colt 45’s color palette. Our 9 runners up can be viewed after the jump!

Whew! So now, we’re gearing up for the big finale, the Colt 45 Art Works Every Time exhibition at Synchronicity Gallery June 12th. Each of the 10 winning submissions, along with each artist’s personal work, will be on display in a one of a kind art show. The opening reception features an extravaganza of excitement, including free T-shirt giveaways,  live bands, and last but not least, vegan Colt 45 flavored ice cream made by the award-winning Scoops ice cream shop! Mark your calendars, this will be a good one!

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Sylvia Ji’s Haunting Paintings Based On Mexican Textiles


Tonight, FFDG in San Francisco opens Sylvia Ji‘s first solo show with the gallery, “Interwoven” (reception 7-10). Some of these new acrylic paintings on wood seem to expand on the more pattern-based elements of her previous work, inspired by Mexican textiles. The artist’s haunting female figures are present as well and look great as Ji continues to push her brushwork to new levels. These paintings deserve to be seen in person, so get over to Mission St. if you can tonight, where Ji will also be releasing a new print.

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Dead Zone At Nudashank

Baltimore Gallery Nudashank has just wrapped a new exhibition entitled Dead Zone. The exhibition was presented as a “new film” about the future by Alex Da Corte. The materials used in the various installations are so vital to the exploration of the show that they are listed in the press release as characters in the “film” (along with additional artists): “Starring (in order of appearance) Paint roller extension pole, package of dish sponges, enamel paint, gold chain, Coca-Cola can, electrical tape, pink giraffe patterned dust broom,clamp, wire, John Roebas‘ AMONG THE MAXIMS,vertical blinds, Alex Perweiler‘s Chameleon (Juicy Fruit), miniature hand chair, Thigh Masters, metal gridwalls, display brackets, Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope cds, Kyle Thurman‘s Untitled (501 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014), John Roebas’ UNTITLED (THE ONLY ONE I CAN’T), IKEA frames, digitally printed hamburger ottoman cover, Borna Sammak‘s Borna Print Burton Jacket, gold foil, carpet, mattress foam, cheese head, shampoo, mirror, Jamie Felton‘s Fog II,ratchet straps, Christmas ball, Andrew Gbur‘s Untitled, Sean Fitzgerald‘s 16 Colors, fringe, leggings, foam, rubber glove, cardboard tube, metal stand, zip tie.”

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