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Brian Walker’s Surreal Pop Culture Photographs

Brian walker is a contemporary digital artist whose images explore and exploit the realm between fantasy and reality, recreating scenes that meld illustration and fashion with an element of surprise.Stemming from a passion for illustration to depict his ideas and concepts of surrealist landscapes and characters, Walker first began using photography as a tool to represent these ideas of the impossible within the believable context of photography.
Walker ‘s works have featured compositions such as battery packed human figurines, fur clad models destined for the meat market and a post modern take on the beloved nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.

Walker is heavily influenced by photographer David Lachapelle, “I’m interested in his ability to iconograph a scene from popular culture and to make it look so real that it is contrived. I would say our processes are similar, I use a lot of concept sketching as my works are highly manipulated, I have to plan almost every detail before a shoot to make sure I have every element I need. I meet with the make up artist, models and stylist to make sure things run smoothly and that they share my vision.”

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Switch Notes: A New Look Post-It Hits The Market

switch notes productswitch notes product designswitch notes product designswitch notes product design

A new invention redesigning sticky notes has a 50/50 chance of becoming successful.  Switch Notes by suck uk stationary store, was created with the same thought in mind as a refrigerator magnet or bulletin board; used as a simple tool to help remember “things to do”. The original sticky note was invented in 1968 by 3M chemist Dr. Spencer Silver. At the time, he was looking for an adhesive that could stick to things and be reused or repositioned multiple times. He proceeded to invent low-tack tape. This was released on the first sticky note marketed as Press ‘n Peel back in 1977. Its yellow color came from the scrap paper used in tests and in 1980, the product was reintroduced as Post-it Notes.

The new and improved humorous design of Switch Notes is slightly different from post-its, because it has a light hole switch in the middle. This added feature enables the user to put it on a light switch doubling the reminder value. The design is greener and saves paper, but according to initial feedback, isn’t sticky enough and tends to fall off when placed.  If so, it kinda defeats the purpose of “no brainer convenience”. Does it really make sense to take another step and place something deliberately on a light switch? And what if you forget to shut off the light, then what? Late fee.

Still, those who love anything new and different will buy into it. The company suck uk who makes Switch Notes, specializes in unique items for the home. Some of their bestsellers include an LED light which turns old bottles into lamps and an umbrella which changes colors when rain hits it.  (via

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Next Day Flyers Presents: Jared Andrew Schorr’s Cut up

I love me a good cut paper illustration and Jared Andrew Schorr’s portfolio is jam packed full of them. My favorites have to be his typography work which brings to life a wacky cast of characters  to create beautiful text pieces.


Brought to you by the source for online calendar printing, Next Day Flyers.

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Connie Wong

connie wong ear wax

Open your eyes and clean out your ears, kids.  Connie Wong has some fresh artwork to accompany your Wednesday morning.  Ear wax and boogers have never been cooler.

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Paco Peregrin

Paco Peregrin
Madrid based photographer and art director Paco Peregrin’s frighteningly beautiful fashion editorials. The women all sort of look like Klaus Nomi.

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Unbelievable Photographs Of Strangers Who Look Like Twins

BrunellePhotog2 BrunellePhotog BrunellePhotog13

Photographer Francois Brunelle has been studying the human face since he first started photographing them in 1968. His recent project began when he snapped a photo of two North American acquaintances who looked remarkably similar. Brunelle is now set on photographing 200 unrelated couples who look like they could be separated at birth. In the beginning of this project, he took photographs of people he happened to know who looked similar, but since his project has gained media attention, some people have come forward as look-alikes. As of January of this year, Brunelle was still inviting couples to take part and help him reach his goal of 200 photographs.

“It is not about looking like famous people,’ he said. ‘The project is about looking like other people.”

“The fact that two persons, totally unrelated to each other, sometimes born in different countries, share the same physical appearance is really the essence of (it).” (via)

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Liza Corbett

Illustrator Liza Corbett lives and works in New York, previously having studied at Syracuse University and the Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy. Her dark fantasies and fairy tales populated by angular ladies, weed-people, and animal bones have appeared in exhibitions both here and abroad, as well as on the pages of Atlantic Monthly, Bitch Magazine, and – best of all, amirite? – now Beautiful/Decay. Check out her creations after the jump. Oh, and maybe try to find all the severed limbs. It’s like a Where’s Waldo of scissor-cut hands, really.

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Peace Not War: Artist Replaces Soldiers Guns With Flowers

Mister Blick - collage Mister Blick - collage Mister Blick - collage Mister Blick - collage

Multi-media installation artist, video maker, designer and all-round talented guy Mister Blick has made some beautiful collages. Placing colorful flowers on old war time photos, in the place of where guns normally would be, he makes a sweet and subtle statement. Alluding to many different political actions in war time, his message is clear. Why do we continue to use force against one another?

The subject of his collages will resonate around the world, but perhaps more so in Portugal. On April 25, 1974, there was a military coup in Lisbon which is now known as the Carnation Revolution. When the population took to the streets to celebrate the end of the dictatorship, carnations were placed into the barrels of the soldiers’ guns, and placed on their uniforms. It is a classic example of how radical political and societal change can take place without the use of bullets.

Mister Blick’s images are a simple reminder of how quiet, gentle actions are usually the ones that end up heard the loudest. And it is a timely celebration of one of the most original revolutions in Europe, and in the world. Happy Freedom Day everybody! (Via Honestly WTF)

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