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girls-unawares – NSFW

Girls-Unawares is a 3d artist based in Hamburg, Germany who creates media-morphed, sexually-reduced, ad-aesthetical and fetishized models that deconstruct fashion photography. See the more explicit images after the jump.

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A Sculpture That Tracks The Moods Of A City Through Social Media Posts

Syver Lauritzsen and Eirik Murvoll - Video Still

Syver Lauritzsen and Eirik Haugen Murvoll set up a paint sculpture that tracks the moods of people in Oslo (where they go to school) through their posts to social media. Each time someone tweets that they are happy, sad, angry, or what have you, a program that Lauritzsen Murvoll created assigns a colour to it. As demonstrated in the video, happy is a pink colour, angriness is black, and a number of other colours are left undefined. Though the project is small in scale, it serves an interesting purpose and leaves a lot of opportunity for further exploration. One imagines what it would look like if there were multiple posts representing different cities. It’s a great way to visualize the information.

Artist Holton Rower, who uses the paint pouring technique to create three-dimensional paintings, inspired the format for Lauritzsen and Murvoll’s project. The men had to go through a few different modes of representation for aesthetic value. They tried having each individual mood tweet release a colour, but also averaged a mood over a period of tweets. According to the artists, latter was more aesthetically appealing because the information was more simple, but the former was evidently a more accurate depiction of how the city was feeling. (Via I Heart My Art and Wired)

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D*Face-ing the Oscar statue on Runyon Canyon


London-based street artist D*Face dropped into Hollywood, Los Angeles to pay his regards: “face lifts, fools gold and plastic surgery arghhhh thats [his] sort of city.” The 6 feet or so tall statue sits proud atop one of Runyon’s highest peaks, watching over the land as a lone protector of the things mentioned above. If you’re in need of a jog or a hike, go check it out. Not sure if it’s still there though but it’s worth a try!

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1600 Endangered Panda Bears Take Over Our Cities In Poignant Installation


The group 1,600 of exquisitely crafted papier-mâché panda bears have already travelled to and occupied cities like Paris, Berlin, Rome, and TaiPei; next month, they will overtake ten Hong Kong historical landmarks and tourist sites. As part of the Pandas on Tour project, these cuddly creatures are crafted from recycled materials by the French artist Paulo Grangeon in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, PMQ, and All Rights Reserved. Each sculpture has an important statement to make: there are less than 1,600 pandas living in the wild. Grangeon’s small creatures, with their wide eyes and round bodies, are easily be displayed side-by-side, providing a halting vision of the endangered species.

Human forces have forced the panda bears in a state of emergency; mining, tourism, and global warming have all contributed to the distraction of animal habitat in Chinese forests. Wild panda conservation is crucial, as the animals can rarely be convinced to mate in captivity.

Believe it or not, humans have a biological impetus for wanting to protect the species. Pandas have proven to be the most beloved animal for their resemblance to human babies; they too have wide eyes and their paws contain a “pseudo thumb.” Grangeon’s touching creatures are imbued with the tender hearts we recognize in the animals they represent. With poignantly cartoonish eyes, round ears, and emotive facial expressions, the papier-mâché figures inspire a whole lot of empathy. To learn how you can help the panda bears, visit WWF or the Smithsonian’s Giant Panda Conservation Fund. (via HuffPost, Time, and Design Boom)

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YouCube Demo Video from Aaron Meyers on Vimeo.

Friend and past-professor Aaron Meyers created this amazing project on his free-time. It allows you to map YouTube videos onto an interactive 3D cube and then save it to a database so you can show your friends. As you spin around a YouCube, the sounds of the different videos fade in and out. Its seriously amazing. My video is the last on the list but the first one to be created during the trial run… its called ‘Hamster Wheel’, so look for it! Aaron’s also worked on the awesome Radiohead video House of Cards. You can see more of his projects after the jump.

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Urban Artist Deck Two Sketches A Massive 29 Foot Long Version Of His Perfect City

Deck Two - Expanded Drawing Deck Two - Expanded Drawing Deck Two - Expanded Drawing Deck Two - Expanded Drawing

The massive large scale ink drawings of French graffiti artist Deck Two are a narrative that you can really get immersed in. At over 29 feet long, his sketches are a part of a series called Expanding Drawing. And they are exactly that – drawings that stretch out and don’t end at the usual borders. For this particular project he was based in Tokyo and has tried to capture the all-encompassing feeling of the city. Every inch is filled with intricate details about city life, and we can really see just how much of a living, breathing organism major metropolises are.

His drawings are like precise, architectural illustrations made of a future city. Motorways curve around beautifully, and merge together, running into the center of the urban sprawl. Deck Two profiles mega cities with a gracefulness reminiscent of the Francis Ford Coppola film Koyaanisqatsi. He talks about his idea of a utopian place:

My idea of a perfect town is a place where young and old people can live together; poor and rich, who always have access to culture and art. (Source)

The French artist is interested in many different forms of art, involving different aspects of the urban landscape. From motion design to illustration, VFX to storyboard, drawing to graffiti – Deck Two likes to switch from computer to wall painting, and vice versa. He has painted walls, cars, and numerous murals. Be sure to check out his other work and a few videos showing the artist at work, here and here.

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David Clarke


David Clarke brings on a whole new meaning to metal work. He is known as Britain’s very own groundbreaking silversmith. Master of his craft, he has a way of transforming domestic household items into intelligent and engaging pieces of art. Clarke’s work uses traditional silversmith techniques and takes it to a whole new extreme. His willingness to experiment sets his work apart from anyone else.

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Hundreds Of Copies Of The Wizard Of Oz Create Hypnotic Waves Of Color

Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube

The Wizard of Oz experiment from Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube on Vimeo.

When creating his reinterpretations of Technicolor masterpiece The Wizard Of Oz, German artist Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube didn’t limit himself to a singular medium. Dabbling in video manipulation, installation and printed ephemera, his “experiment” exists as a deep dive into what happens when the artist points the focus away from narrative, and instead zeroes in on visual velocity. He chooses to takes a step back, and re-imagines the film as a series of frames—laid side-by-side in a technique he refers to as “stilling film.”

In this 2-minute preview of Neuschaefer-Rube’s video piece, you can see hundreds of copies of the film, playing simultaneously in a hypnotic wave of color fluctuation. In the exhibited form, this work is accompanied by a printed version of the investigation, a singular film still, and a large (somewhat ominous) black box designed for viewing. Neuschaefer-Rube’s ability to steer the viewer’s attention from piece to piece is masterful, with each element of the experiment hitting just the right notes—perhaps making a slight nod to the Great and Powerful himself.

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