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Matthew Volz’s Garage Punk Aesthetic

Matthew Volz is the official artist of Queens, New York based garage punks The Beets. In addition to creating banners, posters, and album artwork for the band he makes paintings and sculptural installations involving a vast iconography culled from the doldrums of saturday morning cartoons and comic books. Pro wrestlers of the past share the page with bug eyed teenagers, superheroes, street rats, cowboys, indians, Joey Ramone, and everything in between.

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Public Library in Western Africa Incorporates Clay Pots Into Ceiling


Berlin based architect Diébédo Francis Kéré grew up in the west African nation of Burkina Faso. Kéré is the founder of  Schulbausteine für Gando, a non-profit organization that provides aid in education, health and infrastructure for Gando, his home village in Burkina Faso. He uses his architecture firm, Kere Architecture, as an agent in his quest to strengthen Gando. Kere Architecture has built office buildings, schools, libraries, and opera houses in Burkina Faso in addition to its many completed projects around the world. Check out this public library in Gando: clay pots, provided by members of the village, are embedded in the library’s ceiling to provide “natural illumination and ventilation”. (via)

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Josh Kolbo

Josh Kolbo‘s large-scale, high-gloss c-prints merge photography and sculpture, as the distorted images are layered on top of each other to build narratives over space and time. More of the work (including close-ups) after the jump.

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Sam Wolfe Connelly

Animals are popping up everywhere in Sam Wolfe Connelly’s digitally enhanced illustrations. Some are just lounging around while others are dressed up like circus performers. He also does clothing design, so track him down if you need a canine adorning your new t-shirt.

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Urs Fischer’s Hauntingly Playful Installations



Urs Fischer’s sculpture and installation work evokes a whimsicality with dark undertones. Much of his work features recontextualized or manipulated objects that are reminiscent of something out of of a Dr. Seuss book. His more well-known work features sculptures of wax figures with a wick that burns, slowly melting his sculptures throughout the exhibition. All that’s left of these is a pile of melted wax on the gallery floor. All of his work humorously addresses an idea of playful malleability and transformation, but also suggests a subtle grimness.

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Tomás Saraceno Creates The Worlds Ultimate Moon Bounce

Argentinian artist and architect Tomás Saraceno is internationally known for his visionary and surprising installations accessible to the public and able to modify the perception of architectural spaces. His oeuvre, inspired by the tradition of 20th-century utopian architecture, stems from the desire to create aerial structures that can be inhabited by people, are self-sufficient and have a low environmental impact.

At Hangar Bicocca Saraceno creates On Space Time Foam, an incredible floating structure composed of three levels of clear film that can be accessed by the public, inspired by the cubical configuration of the exhibition space. Functioning as the ultimate moon bounce, Saraceno’s piece floats participants high above the ground creating a surreal (and frightening) experience that gives the feel of weightlessness and flight without the hassle of going off into space. The work, whose development took months of planning and experimentation with a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers, will then continue as an important project during a residency of the artist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT in Cambridge (MA). (via)

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Terrifying Little Girls’ Shoes Made With Human Dentures



Artistic duo Fantich & Young, featured previously for their “power suit” made of human hair, are at it again with a new pair of shoes for little girls: an adorable pair of Mary Janes with a sole of human teeth. Upon first inspection, the tiny shoes are certainly the height of innocence, with their shiny surface and chunky red strap. With the addition of the teeth, top and bottom rows muddled together monstrously, this beacon of cuteness becomes dark and deadly. The festive footwear, which we might easily imagine paired with white ruffled ankle socks, are embellished with actual dentures, signifying old age and decay. The yellowed incisors, crushed brutally underfoot, provide quite an arresting contrast to the quaint little shoes.

In another recent addition to their ongoing project Apex Predator, Dominic Young and Mariana Fantich construct an egg from human dentures. Here, the themes of birth and death, innocence and corruption, emerge more readily. The egg, art historically a symbol of both the fragility and comfort of the the womb, abandons its delicate shell for hard, armored enamel. Arranged in careful rows, the teeth threaten predators who seek to steel the egg from the safety of its nest. This symbol of youth and birth adopts new meaning when made from teeth designed for the old. When hatched, the baby bird is fed his food pre-chewed, regurgitated into his mouth by his mother; this egg comes fully equipped with gnawing teeth. What type of creature might emerge from this monstrous orb? Take a look. (via Design Boom)

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Gustavo Godoy


Gustavo Godoy‘s Fast Formal Object: Big White, opened last Saturday at Honor Fraser Gallery, and I’m happy to say that I was there for the opening. The first thing I noticed when I came in was big and white. Everything was white from the walls to the actual sculpture, even the event postcard. The sculpture is big and takes a big amount of the space in the room. Once you go in the room, the only space left is to walk around the big sculpture and little by little the details of the piece unfold as you maneuver your way around it.

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