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Manny G

Manny G - F.A.C.T.

Although we aren’t hiring here at Beautiful/Decay, we wanted to share Manny G‘s portfolio with you all. Navigating through media seamlessly, this recent CalArts graduate pretty much does it all. Whether it’s transforming a found book inside and out, illustrating Chewbacca with only one intense image-making technique, or revealing the cuter (?!) side of sex, Manny G delivers visual feasts. 



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Beautiful/Decay: The Big Picture


The Beautiful/Decay book series showcases the most extensive interviews and in-depth features with emerging artists today. Featuring 164 ad-free pages of articles, vivid imagery, collectible art inserts, and more, the hand-numbered book is a source of inspiration you’ll return to time and time again. If you’re discovering art on the internet alone, you’re missing out on the bigger (and yes, less pixelated) picture.

Think outside the box with Beautiful/Decay.


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18th Century Engravings By Antonio Basoli Feature Intriguing Towns Made Out Of Typography

alphabet alphabet2 alphabet3 alphabet4

Antonio Basoli was an Italian artist who lived between the 18th and 19th century, and was a man with a vision. He created this architectural alphabet engravings called Alfabeto Pittorico (Pictorial Alphabet). The images don’t just depict letters, but elaborate buildings that use letterforms as their structure. It includes every letter except for the j, because it doesn’t exist in the Italian alphabet. They called it i lunga and it’s written with an i.

Soft, monochromatic images are full of intricate details, and we’re able to see every brick of a building in addition to the billowing clouds in the background. With each letter, Basoli creates a different setting and mood. Some landscapes are tranquil and idyllic-looking, filled with lush vegetation. Others are war-torn, and we see giant cracks in the foundation of buildings. Whatever the occasion, each is its own story with a compelling narrative of men versus themselves and also versus nature. (Via Sploid)

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From Wearable Huts To Fiber Light Forms

Doug Johnston - Fiber ArtDoug Johnston - Fiber Art Doug Johnston - Fiber Art

Doug Johnston’s imagination knows no boundaries. His list of interests and mediums includes architecture, photography, installation, performance, music, and fiber art– which primarily involves stitching nylon thread around coiled rope to create functionally simple, yet playful forms.

His collection of weaving, shown here for example, includes a “wearable hut” for those looking for a unconventional dose of “anonymity and privacy” and deliciously modern “light sculptures” which structurally investigate varying unconventional shapes.

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Christopher Charles Curtis’ Horror Movie World

Christopher Charles Curtis A.K.A. C3’s drawings explores a world the artist has created to better understand the darker parts of himself and humanity as a whole. This world is best described as a fairytale western with some horror film aspects. The characters are in a constant struggle to find their place in a world that is slowly crumbling all around them. As they foolishly try to save this world they find that not only are their attempts futile but their very efforts are contributing to the decline in civilization. It is a basic story of the few vs the many, honor and glory vs power and corruption.

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Book Art- Five Artists Who Creatively Use Books As A Medium

Cara Barer Book Art

Cara Barer

Jonathan Callan Book Art

Jonathan Callan

Isaac Salazar Book Art

Isaac Salazar 

Robert The Book Art

Robert The

An unusual, but symbolic and versatile medium, several artists have integrated books into their practice.  Sometimes selected for their formal elements, other times for their content, books have a wide-ranging appeal for artists.  The five artists listed below have employed books in varied and distinctive ways to create remarkable works of art.

Abelardo Morell is a Cuban artist who incorporates books into his photography in beautiful and creative ways.  For example, he used Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland to create photographs uniquely including the book.  Jonathan Callan is drawn to books as a medium and creates amazing, formal sculptures that resemble tree stumps, or other organic forms.  Cara Barer is an artist who transforms books by sculpting, dying and then photographing them.  About her work Barer says, “Books, physical objects and repositories of information, are being displaced by zeros and ones in a digital universe with no physicality.  Through my art, I document this and raise questions about the fragile and ephemeral nature of books and their future.”  Robert The is a New York-artist best-known for his Gun Books, which usually play a title cleverly off the book carved into the shape of a gun.  Isaac Salazar rescues books that have been discarded and carves words out of the pages.

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Barry McGee

A nice short video of Barry McGee installing in São Paulo Brazil. Not often that you see a street artist filmed in such a delicate, dreamy, and romantic style.

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Brett Wilkinson’s experiments in minimalism and geometry have led him to create Onesidezero, a collection of his latest works in illustration. Whimsical and playful, his style reflects the cheerful shapes and colors of childhood toys and coloring books. Not only does he specialize in prints, but his works are also featured on mugs, laptop skins, and wall vinyls. Wilkinson has also designed for Panasonic and the Big Chill Festival 2009, and created the cover for Digital Arts Magazine.

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