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Ryan Mosley

Ryan Mosley’s distinctive visual language is rooted in its timeless qualities; archaic skulls, top hats and fig leaves collide with anthropomorphic limbs and futuristic, shamanic figures that create a bewildering backdrop in which anything is possible. Ryan has a show up at Alison Jacques Gallery in London from July 15th-August 13th 2011

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Electronic Duo Matmos Release The Marriage of True Minds

Photo by James Thomas Marsh

Matmos – ESP (Live at Thrill Jockey 20th Anniversary) from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

You do remember electronic duo Matmos, don’t you? They’re the DJ’s that worked with Björk on Vespertine and also toured with her around the world, that’s how I first heard of them anyway. Well, they just released a new album, The Marriage of True Minds on Thrill Jockey earlier this week and from their press release it looks like it could be something very special.

“The Marriage Of True Minds is Matmos’ first new full-length album in five years and follows 2012’s The Ganzfeld EP, which was the culmination of four years of parapsychological experiments based on the Ganzfeld (“total field”) experiment. Test subjects were put into a state of sensory deprivation by covering their eyes and listening to white noise on headphones, and then Matmos member Drew Daniel attempted to transmit “the concept of the new Matmos record” directly into their minds. The resulting transcripts of the videotaped psychic experiments became poetic and conceptual scores used by Matmos to generate the nine songs on this album, which prominently features vocalists and voices for the first time in Matmos’ work. Guest musicians include Dan Deacon, Dominique Leone, DJ Dog Dick, Leslie Weiner and Holger Hiller (Palais Schaumberg), Jason Willett (Half Japanese), Angel Deradoorian, Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak) and more.”

See what I mean? The whole project sounds incredible and they’re currently on tour in the U.S. with only a handful of shows left, including a date at Public Works in San Francisco on  Sunday, February 24th and a show at the Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Monday, February 25th. The last two shows before heading to Europe in March are at The ND in Austin, TX on February 28th and Zanzabar in Louisville, KY on March 2nd.

Check out their amazing version of the Buzzcocks‘ ESP that was shot live at Thrill Jockey’s 20th Anniversary show last September in Baltimore where they are currently based. This should cement the idea of seeing one of their upcoming shows.

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Franz Szony- Photographic Painter

Described as a “photographic painter” or “character portraitist”, Franz Szony transcends traditional photography in order to open windows into a lush, seductive, and intricately detailed world of fantasy and dreams where his seductive imagery fuses the classical with the modern, and depicts baroque aesthetics with a bizarre twist.

Szony’s work explores the intention and meaning behind beauty, evoking a mythical, archetypical atmosphere that has the potential to summon a meditative, imaginative, and even transcendental state of mind. Many of the photographs find their direct inspiration from Szony’s dreams, which he keeps meticulously logged in a dream diary. “The worlds and characters I’ve dreamt have inspired both minute details, as well as entire works of art, both aesthetically and emotionally. ”

Franz explains that, while most people consider themselves unconscious while sleeping, many philosophies teach that we are, in fact, more conscious while asleep than while awake… “If so, I can’t help but think our dreams to be more real and truthful than the physical world.”

See Szony’s solo show at Project One in San Francisco from July 11th-August 4th, 2012.

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Daphne Arthur

arthur-el-juego-del-tra-tra-09-dims-var Daphne Arthur explores religious expression and cultural identity through her mixed media design. It is in Arthur’s work where the two dimensional meets the three dimensional.  You can catch a look at her work at New York City’s RARE Gallery exhibit lasting from October 14th through November 11th.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Holy Mega Bubbles!

Not much to say about this other than I know what I’m doing next summer at the beach! Watch the full video after the jump!

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Scott Reeder

Fruit at the Hospital

Fruit at the Hospital


I want to share the works of Scott Reeder with those of you who aren’t familiar already. He uses lots of great art convention and history references combined with slapstick humor via painting and sculpture. Like Naked Gun meets Painters Painting. Plus he is from Milwaukee, the wierdest place ever! Awesome!

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Stephen Mattheu Booth


Stephen Mattheu Booth knows how to make a character worth remembering. I can’t say exactly what it is I enjoy about his characters, but they all just seem like they would be awesome to hang around with, and even his abstractions retain this figurative charm. I’ve always had an appreciation for this manner of art in which one can imagine the artist making these awesome drawings on a couch, or in bed, or at a bar, all without having to go to a studio and worshiping an easel, or using some computer tool to clean up his lines. It just feels right. And fortunately, he doesn’t draw fan artish mutated forms of Spongebob or Mickey Mouse, but instead, his work seems to sprout (growth being important here) from characters like Slimer, Donald Duck, Pluto, and other childhood favorites. How could you look at that #$!@*☁ duck and not smile?

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Lara Zankoul’s Surreal Portraits Of People In A Human Sized Fish Tank

Lara Zankoul photographyLara Zankoul photographyLara Zankoul photographyLara Zankoul photography

Location is everything to photographer Lara Zankoul. Her latest venture garnering some attention shows models in a human sized fish tank.  “The Unseen” is a series of photographs taken in 2013, which comment on the complex relationship between what appears on the surface and what is submerged underneath. It examines our ability to project a false facade outwardly while thinking the opposite inwardly. Some examples to this idea show two girls in a carefree stance while underwater one is cutting the other’s dress. Another is a handsome male model in traditional waiter’s clothing on top while wearing a tutu below.

The photos exude a surrealist gaze due to the water effect.  From an underwater perspective, the bottom half of the pictures take on a dreamy, ethereal quality which is perfectly naive. The subjects are all aesthetically pleasing to look at and become a bit mundane if not for the little weird subtleties at hand. The colors are wrought from a bright, monotone palette which lend themselves at times to the impressionists. Not an easy task to say the least.

Zankoul is a self taught photographer who originally majored in Economics from The American University of Beirut. According to her biography, she was born photographically in 2008 after completing the 365 project where participants took part and posted one picture every day for a year. (via hifructose)

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