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Sky Ferreira Let’s us Preview Her Ghost EP and I Have it on Repeat!

If you haven’t heard of Sky Ferreira yet, that will soon change because she will be everywhere. I was lucky enough to catch her first ever live performance last month at the Bootleg and while she was visibly nervous, the songs sounded great. Now we get the chance to preview her Ghost EP (official release October 16th on Capitol Records ) that Cass McCombs, Jon Brion, and Greg Kurstin all helped produce. Don’t forget to check out the obligatory Terry Richardson photo and the video for Everything is Embarrassing after the jump.

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Nathan James’ Graphic Havoc

Nathan James’ paintings may look like well executed digital collages but they are in fact carefully rendered oil paintings where girls from pop magazines, graphic patterns, and painterly abstractions are combined together to create a world where flatness battles depth, vanity duels humility, and graphic confronts painterly.

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Frances Waite Turns Strangers Nude Selfies Into Playful And Empowering Illustrations

Frances  Waite - Illustration Frances  Waite - Illustration Frances  Waite - Illustration Frances  Waite - Illustration

It was a unique call for submissions: “Please send me your best nudes so I can draw them while I figure out my next move.” Seeking inspiration, Brooklyn-based artist Frances Waite posted this message on her Instagram, along with her phone number. Men and women responded enthusiastically, sending her intimate nude selfies of themselves sprawling on beds and squatting over mirrors. Choosing the images she found especially playful and unique—or rather, the nudes “where people [were] being themselves and posing in a way they [thought was] sexy and beautiful”—Waite began recreating them as illustrations, translating mischief and bodily expression into skillfully-drawn portraits (Source). The result is a fun, provoking, and ongoing series titled NUDES.

Waites’ project is one of empowerment, seeking self-expression beyond voyeurism, objectification, and the boundaries of heteronormativity. “I do think that I give people an opportunity to perform a part of themselves they might not display otherwise,” she explains in an interview with The Creators Project. “I’m some weird girl on the internet that wants to draw naked strangers, and I already have a repertoire of images that, I hope, make people feel comfortable doing whatever the hell they want.” (Source) She seeks to create a safe space where people can celebrate their bodies and sexual identities with agency and anonymity.

You can learn more on Waite’s website and Instagram. She has also put out a call on Tinder. Waite currently works from ASH LIC Art & Space, an interdisciplinary studio. (Via The Creators Project)

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Errors In Production





Errors In Production is an ongoing collection of a variety of products with individual manufacturing errors compiled by Berlin based Heike Bollig.  These products range from a simple upside down beer bottle label to a marble that is squished into an asymmetrical sphere that will never have the joy of rolling straight. Although Heike actively seeks out these objects friends and sales clerks pass them on as well. Have you found your own error of production? Contact Heike and contribute to the archive! (via strange attractor)

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Next day flyers presents: Shelley Jones


Shelley Jones’ fashion photography has an underlying sense of narrative, invoking a nostalgic, whimsical and occasionally dark response.


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Awesome Video of the Day: Dieter Rams’ Principles of Good Design

Mark Adams, Managing Director of Vitsoe, discusses Dieter Ram’s 10 principles of good design during a visit to Vitsoe headquarters in London. Mr. Adams gives unique insight into the history of the brand and its meaning to Dieter Rams. He also demonstrates how Rams’ principles relate directly to the style and success of the Vitsoe name.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Claire Falkenberg’s Eerily Painted Apparitions


With a toxic mix of oil-based paint, the surfaces of artist Claire Falkenberg‘s large-scale photos are transformed into mysterious and eerie clouds.  The ominous, milky clouds obscure the space directly in front of the photographer, delaying the viewer’s ability to understand what lies just under the surface of each picture plane. This inclusion is generous, because it offers another layer of surface detail to the viewer who is willing to inspect the ghostly swirls of oil paint. The slick, snapshot-style images of trash slowly begin to reveal themselves—vanishing almost entirely at the center, and bringing into question just exactly what Falkenberg has chosen to cover up in her series.

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Jesus’s Christmas Sweaters By Helena Tokutake

helena tokutake drawings

Not much info on brazilian artist Helena Tokutake’s site but there is a nice assortment of drawings depicting sweaters, crosses, and quirky landscapes.

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